A Delicious Mistake: Bonet!


That was a sigh of a huge relief from me for the amount of time I have taken to get back to blogging. Don't get me wrong, I love blogging..its a wonderful release. Just that I cant believe that I have been so far far from it for SUCH a long time!!

So, lets begin this new reprise on a fresh note..or should I say, a sweeter note -

We recently had been to this book sale in the city (only because they hung out these big billboard signs mentioning 50% discount sale) and stumbled upon some wonderful cookbooks. One of them - 'World Cuisine/ITALY (II)' which is a good read for any beginner on international (mention - European) dishes. And Fi thought of making 'Bonet'. I thought this would be a terrible idea coz more often than not, my oven has never dished out satisfying desserts. But I am glad that I was too occupied with other things (to criticize Fi's dessert venture) or else this mistake would never have occurred in the first place.a delicious one at that! At first it sounded more like a 19th Century ladies hat but after looking at the outcome, this one was worth a mention. And it tasted and looked better than the pics in the cookbook too!

Bonet Recipe (with a few tried and tested tweaks):
Serves 4


Milk - 125ml
Double Cream - 125ml (I used 90 ml of regular Amul Cream as I didn't have the original)
15ml - Amaretto (again,out of it..so used rum instead)
Crushed Almond Biscuits - 30g (Substituted it with crushed Marie biscuits)
Eggs - 3 (used 4)
Cocoa Powder - 15g (Added only 3g as it was too overpowering, also added grated cooking chocolate bar - 10g)
Sugar - 65g
Sugar for Caramel - 50g
Cinnamon - 1 inch,powdered
Lemon Zest - 1/8th tsn (Can use Sweet Lime Zest)


  • Prepapration & Caramelization:

Crush the 65g Sugar/Powder it. Butter the insides of the Pan in which the batter is gonna go. I used a 9 inch cake pan, as I had no pudding pan. But if you have a pudding pan, then use that. Caramelize the 'Extra Sugar' mentioned (for making caramel,50g) by heating it directly in a flat pan on medium heat. DO NOT STIR. When the colour changes to a very pale yellow, you can then start stirring to prevent burning. Then bring it to a good deep-honey colour and add it to the buttered pudding pan. Rotate the Pan with your hand holding the edges (WARNING!heat transfers to the pan immediately, WEAR OVEN MITTS ALWAYS!!) till the entire base of your pudding pan is coated with the sugar-caramel. Set aside.

Mix all the dry ingredients together in a bowl (except sugar-65g).

  • Whip it:

Whip the eggs with sugar(65g,crushed) to form a light batter (at low speed) with a hand-blender. Then add the milk, whip again (at low speed). Then add the rest of the ingredients and whip till you get a smooth batter. Dont worry if it looks watery. {You just added a lot of liquids in it, so it would surely appear thin}.Add this to your pudding pan. Then cover it with foil, tightening on all the corners with the edges of the foil so there is no air-gap. Pierce the middle of the 'Foil - lid' with a knife to make a small hole (bout 3 mm).

  • Boil,Boil,Boil:

Now, Heat up some water in a  separate vessel and when it just comes to boil, add this water into a large metallic oven tray. Meanwhile, preheat your oven at 150C.

  • Bonet into the Oven:

Then place the Pudding Pan into the 'hot water - tray' gently, without shaking at all. Take your time. Breathe. And do it carefully. Then place this 'pudding-pan+tray' contraption into the preheated oven. And bake it on 'Convection mode' for 50 min at 150C. Then check by gently lifting the foil on any corner. (touch with the tip of your finger, if its way sticky and the pudding seems too wobbly/liquidy then its yet to be cooked)

If its not done yet, cook it at 180C for 5 min more or as required (keep checking at regular intervals) and let it cool in the pan on a rack outside of the oven for about 5 min.

  • Bonet Prep:

Now, dip a knife in some hot water and wipe it. Then score the edges of the pudding with the warm knife.Make sure the knife's sharp edge is touching the bottom of the pan. Then place a flat, large plate on top of the pan. With a firm grip on both the pan and the plate at their bases flip the pan onto the plate (just like an upside down cake - flip). Cut some slices or just grab a large spoon and dig in.

Serve it a day old, tastes best the next day! Best Party Dessert..can do a day ahead of time.

You can also garnish this dish with some slivered almonds on the top.

P.S: Serve it cold, its irresistible! And make it a family dessert event by just grabbing spoons and the whole family digging in at once, you'll surely have fun.


  1. I have never heard of this dessert, but obviously have been missing out. This looks delicious! I will definitely need to try. That last picture sure does tempt-great post!

  2. Great way to jump back into blogging. This looks delish!

  3. @Alyssa: Thanks dear, it tasted really superb!


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