Lulupu, Scorpal and Crafts galore!

Knocking on the 99th blog post, this is going to be one fun review post! Don't think that I have lost my edge and off cooking now..pssst..I skimp my way most of the times by making mum or having Fi cook specialities now but hey! I cook too! So on that topic, I would like to mention that this post is not about my recipes or travelogues but a certain something I have had a knack for a while now - CRAFTS!

1 - Kaisercraft magazines, 2 - Scor-pal, 3 - Embossing tools, 4- free glue sticks, 5 - Cutting Knife(+2 blades free), 6 - Glue gun, 7 - Cut n Tuc template kit

I have always been a creative person and had a soft spot for everything craftsy. I love painting, box making and anything creative and DIY that challenges me in many ways..basically the reason that keeps me going when it comes to my aquariums (btw, found a truck pile of driftwood-like twigs and branches near the fish market, making a point to somehow convince Fi to pick them up for me). For my business, I knew I had to think out of the box to make some cost-cuts and also make it creative and interesting when it came to packaging choices. It would not be a permanent fix but for now, it seems a feasible choice to make themed boxes for our customers. I poured over the net (Fi calls me 'Sheldon Cooper' for this obsessive reason) in search for
some crafting supplies and a week or two later, I finally decided on the bare essentials of what I really needed to buy. I had two choices - and I went with the former as they had most of the things I was looking for. There is more info about these and other craft stores online and elsewhere HERE.

LULUPU - Online craft stores? yeah!they exist!

For people like me, craft stores like Lulupu save the day..especially when I live in a place where the nearest utility store in somewhere about 400 km away in Bangalore and even if there were some decent shops selling supplies in my city, its in some shady galli the name of which I have never heard of before. I probably would be able to crack the code of the Rubik's cube before I reach that place. Besides, even if I did, I would have had to equip myself with a dictionary on crafting supplies and their local translations if I aspire to get everything from a crowded little corner store. Don't get me wrong, I love corner stores..they are a delight, but there are days when you don't want to waste time on searching and scouring and simply get on with the buying.

Lulupu is a wonderful,pretty and well displayed online store managed by an efficient team of four. To tell the truth, I spent hours browsing through their site and I still fail to have my fill! There is a plethora of items on sale for arts and crafts lovers including distressing inks, embossing tools, papers, ribbons, punching tools, pollens, embellishments etc. covering a wide range of brands namely - American Crafts, DCWV,Doodlebug, Shilpi, Mod Podge amongst others. So whether you are a stamper, embosser or go crazy making origami boats (you may be doing more complicated stuff than boats) or are interested in making classy yet fun boxes like me, this is a one-stop shop. And to note a very interesting and what attracts me (like every Indian woman) - sales. There are seasonal sales in which they offer cool stuff at relatively smaller prices than MRP.

Honestly I was apprehensive about buying from any online store. The farthest and craziest thing I have done is order things from Flipkart and that's only because they offer COD to almost every imaginable area. Although Lulupu too offers COD, its not viable for my city and I had have a cash deposit done which cost me 110 rs more. I don't mind for a first buy. It took them about a week to send the items I ordered, but the lady in charge, Karuna, was sweet and hospitable and made sure I received the items on time (the culprit remain the innumerable holidays that came the past week).They also sent me complimentary Kaisercraft magazines for this and the last month! YAY! These were the items I had ordered - Scorpal, Embossing tools, Glue gun and a Cut & Tuc template set. So here are the specific reviews:

I instantly fell in love with this crafting tool as soon as I laid eyes on it (or as soon as I understood its purpose). I trust an any product designed in the US and Germany than even the finest 'Made in India product'. Saying that, this is an authentic Made in America product, an ingeniously designed tool that cuts my work by half with all the measurements(mine had only inches inscribed) laid out on the corners of a PVC board. There are little symbols marked amongst the numbers that help in folding paper to equal sizes like bi-folds and tri-folds which eliminates the need to measure before you fold your cards and papers. The grooves provide for an easy scoring and the scoring tool that comes with the board(neatly tucked into the upper corner so that it may never get lost) may not be an authentic bone folder but it is made of hard plastic and it does the job pretty finely. Note that I tried scoring thin papers (newspapers) on the board and the scoring tool tore it apart. It would be much better to use card stock or thicker paper. The board is light weight, so I wont count it as hard labour if I am moving it from room to room. It does come with a manual that provides clean cut instructions to read and use although I do with it came in colourful pages. Scorpal is not available (or atleast I havent found anywhere offline) in India, and the only possible ways of getting hands on one is buying it online. Lulupu, Imaginations Online and Ebay sell them but I found that the shipping costs on Ebay were enormous. Plus I am on a budget, so I found it on Lulupu on sale with 200 rs off! Price - 2050 Rs.

Embossing tools:
I needed these embossing tools for the punch crafted flowers I am going to make to adorn my boxes. I have had no previous idea about emboss effects so I am making it a point to learn some techniques in the coming weeks. There are 4 pc and 8 pc sets available online but as I am a newbie in this territory, I thought of buying something basic ones like this 2 pc set priced at 200 rs. The body is plastic but seems much sturdier and slightly heavy which gives a good grip. The tips are of varied diametric thickness made of steel. I love them, they are so slick and wooden in appearance. Price - 200 rs.

Cut n Tuc Templates Kit:
This is an essential edition to my box-making tools set as it helps me in making displays and windows for the top covers. I dislike fiddling with scissors and trying to make a decent circular cut into paper like any normal girl would crib. Cut n Tuc makes it a lot easier. Although you can buy the entire kit's contents separately, I preferred it all to come in one set just for the convenience. It comes with a cutting template(the shape of which you can choose), cutting mat and a 360 deg. rotating knife with 2 extra blades. While I was excited openning the box and trying out the new items, I managed to break the delicate blade of the knife. My heart sank when I saw the knife tip missing, but I realized that it was because of my hastiness. I ought to ( as should you) read the instructions before using the knife. The messed up tip still manages to cut just fine,and I do breathe a lot easier because of the extra 2 blades. Price - 630 Rs.

Glue Gun:
This one as the others that are available online does not come under a brand name but it does its job well. As mentioned in its job description, it is for crafting purposes and if you ask me, don't use it for more than doing some light craft work like sticking embellishments,papers etc. It surely is no industrial heavy duty tool (which I thought it was) when I tried to stick a ceramic media ring onto a plastic connector for my DIY CO2 diffuser for the fish tank I own. It does get pretty heated up after about 15 minutes work though. So you do need to cool it once in a while and take breaks while using this tool. Price - 385 Rs

I did want to buy a A3 size cutting mat but it was not available on the store. I did manage to get it on which had it for 550 Rs. It was a good bargain as they did provide free COD on all orders above 300 rs. Its from the SDI brand marked in cm. It is quite sturdly and will take scratches and cuts from all the crafting you want to do on your table.

These are my crafting tools I find essential and are really my favourites. Flood in the comments to tell me about your online experiences and crafting tools. Eager to know and happy to share!


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  2. Hi!

    Thanks for the amazing review and feedback! I just happened to come across your detilaed write up about our store www.lulupu.come and was very pleased to see that you are wnjoying your new craft purchase!

    I must say your Blog looks very professional and very pretty indeed! I would also love to have you visit our blog and maybe participate in our monthly challenges :)

    Sorry about the COD inconvenience. Since we use a 3rd party shipper we are limited by their service so far and hopefully should be able to break through this someday.

    Hope to see you shopping with again sometime soon!

    Best wishes

    1. You are welcome, Karuna:) It was a delight shopping at your store..

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