Apologies long overdue and a fish tank

As I am chomping away at today's lunch, I gaze at my dish and I sigh...I haven't posted a SINGLE post in over 3 months! .......how time flies. "Oh,you could make lunch but you couldn't post a recipe??", you might ask. Yes, I admit I have been lazy,and mostly because I have been using Fi's (doesn't have PS) laptop instead of my PC(which has Photoshop) that has been causing the trouble and I couldn't move my butt towards the other room to reconnect my PC. I am deeply sorry..and I apologize.

So other than that, I wasn't entirely lazy. I have been busy setting up my fish aquarium and I tell you, its no child's play. I have walked a long path in experience since the days of 'oh,so gold fishes don't go in fish bowls??' to a point where 'I really gotta get my hands dirty with that diy ceramic diffuser'. I still have a long long way to go..but I am sure, as much as I am gonna get teased by Fi for being the Sheldon Cooper of the house (when it comes to researching), I will surely enjoy each moment of..even the most stressful ones.

These are my Aquarium stats -

Freshwater aquarium:

Tank size: 2 feet (l) x 1 foot (h) x 1 foot (w)
Volume: 15 gallons/ 60 ltr
Lighting: 36 watt tube light(6500 lumen) Surya Brand - 1 tube light
Cabombas growing well, so something's working alright!
Fishes: Platinum Gouramis(2), Dwarf Gouramis (2), Red wag tail/Mickey Mouse Platies (12), Hawaiian Platies(3), Zebra Danios (6+), White Skirt Widow Tetras (5+), Guppies(12)

Plants(as much as I can Identify): Java Moss, Riccia, Cabomba, Anubias, Microswords, Hairgrass

This has been my first attempt at maintaining a planted aquarium. I never knew it was so much work! And to newbies out there, I warn you - DO NOT plant your aquarium if your heart isn't into the gardening part of it. As like terrestrial gardening, this too requires pruning,trimming, planting, cutting and what not at regular intervals.  So, be patient and your efforts will bear fruit. I know that my aquascaping is nowhere near the Takashi Amano finesse, but someday I will design and plant and even sell aquariums by the horde. Hey, every designer dreams big, ok? Don't judge me.

Here are a few pics of my lovely "fishies":

I love these beauties, especially the male Hawaiian Platy.. He has a beautiful orange tail. Keeps chasing this sheela all day long! "Come here,Chica!"

Don't go by his size coz those Red Wagtails are a hoot when they see food nearby.. This platinum gourami is the swan of my little Fish Tank.
This White Skirt Widow was thought to be preggie but I realized that she was just overfed. Lady, you hit the gym, NOW!!
male dwarf gourami

This handsome dwarf gourami is the latest addition to the tank, and he hasn't eaten anything for  about a week..He's very shy,inhibited and I have tried to add in sinking pellets, He and a female dwarf just wont eat. I am worried.What should I do?? They are perfectly fine, have no disease. Post in some suggestions in the comments section of this post. I really need the help!

So, after a lot of trial and error...mostly with fishes (The amount of money lost in the replacements,my gosh!) and realizing a de-chlorinating and anti-algae medicine works well for a planted tank, it sure has kept me a very busy person. And here is the final pic,guys - 

Whew, all those photos were a handful! So, let me know what you think and post in the comments below. I will be back soon with delicious recipes and more delicious and quirky posts. I wouldn't miss it if I were you...*wink* *wink*


  1. That insight’s preefct for what I need. Thanks!

    1. Yeah, one note to add though - never stuff the aquarium with too many fishes like I have. Its 1 inch per gallon. So if you have 12 gallons of water, then 12 x 1 inch fishes or 6 x 2 inch fishes. And you can calculate in that manner for the size of the aquarium you possess. I will de-stocking some platies and zebras soon.

  2. Great pics! Love this aquarium setup,thanks for sharing.

  3. Nice Tank. Lovely Pics.
    superbsite (IAH)

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    found this blog.Nice post.Fish pics are nice


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