A dream in a dream in a dream

I just woke up from a heavy, deep-set nap this noon and I dreamt a very symbolic dream. In it, I was dreaming a dream! In one of those dreams, I was talking to Fi and he was telling me that we need to gather our things quickly as we need to start searching for a 'Compartment'...compartment???What compartment?which compartment? I didn't understand what he meant until later. Then, as I dozed off in the dream, I dreamt that I was high in the
clouds (laying flat as on a couch or a bed) and it was a stormy weather. I could see that the clouds were rain clouds, dark and grey, there were no tornadoes around (which have been a fixation in my earlier dreams) and I could feel the cool, wet breeze of the monsoon rain. As I was dreaming this dream in my dream, my whole body was shaking as if struck by electricity, in the previous dream (where I dozed off).
Then I woke up and tried to gather what this meant. Obviously, 'Compartment' was Apartment..and the only reason I wasn't able to grasp what Fi was telling me clearly, is coz I was too stressed and anxious to focus on what He said. I also got a sign in my dream, that this will happen once he and his friends will gather soon for a photo session in-front of a convent-like school or college..the place which I know of in reality.

As I was praying and naming out the names of God, to God and what His names are to me in my life and those related to me, I felt a cool breeze..like that which comes after a monsoon pour. Mind you, in reality, its hitting summer in this part of the country and a cool monsoon breeze is out of the question. One thing that the Lord made me aware of, even before I started researching on Google (Bible) is that rain is associated with blessings in the Bible. And these verses confirm it -

Leviticus 26:3-4 - "If ye walk in my statutes, and keep my commandments, and do them; Then I will give you rain in due season, and the land shall yield her increase, and the trees of the field shall yield their fruit."

Fi told me his interpretation of my dream which meant that I was noticeably high in the dreams, and that although dark clouds are symbolic of danger, and oncoming storms and troubles, I was lifted up by Jesus and those storms weren't affecting me at all, in a state of resurrection. He read a verse today that reflects this dream.How odd is that??!

Whatever it may be, I have peace in my heart that the Lord has given me a sign that the time is coming for me to be abundantly blessed for my troubles and I am looking forward to all that the Lord has promised me in the Bible coz for one thing I know very well, I haven't come this far by my own might and understanding but only by His mercy and grace. The name of the Lord God be blessed.


  1. bit weird but was a cool read. thoroughly enjoyed it :)

    1. Thanks for the comment,Debajyoti..It truly was a weird but 'real' dream..and I am glad you enjoyed reading.visit back soon

  2. A dream in a dream in a dream... Liked reading it.


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