A brave Caramel Pudding

Recently, Fi made caramel pudding and as Fi was busy making some starters for dinner (and the main course), I was entrusted with the dessert..now, although I love desserts (eating them, that is) and am a
Chocolatier, I am certainly not good with the oven, and fluffy desserts haven't been my best friends of late. The oven and I haven't seen eye-to-eye for months now. But I guess it was time I manned up and showed the dreaded oven who's the boss in the kitchen.

It started with a simple idea - "why not remove the chocolate from the Bonet recipe?" Hmm..I suppose I should have taken more time to think than to just rush into it, but we all need to do some crazy things once in a while in the kitchen.

Caramel Pudding recipe: 

OK, So I am not gonna really type all that again, coz its sooo long (yet equally delicious) but you can check out the recipe HERE and just don't forget to omit the chocolate and cocoa. Add in a tiny bit of vanilla extract. I also added red wine instead of rum (as red wine is more fruitier than rum in taste, which is very intense) and do exactly as mentioned in the Bonet Recipe.

Note: I friggin forgot to add powdered biscuits but it was ok, I just had to cook 15 min more than usual. \

See how light it is? It cuts right through and not at all sticky

Result: A smooth,fluffy Caramel Pudding with a velvety texture. In case you haven't figured out why I called it a 'Brave Caramel Pudding' is cause I forgot to add powdered biscuits and it had to bake in the oven a stipulated 15 min more than usual coz of my blunder. And despite it, it came out light and perfect! Bravo, Pudding, Bravo!
Tip: Eat it cold. Refrigerate it for a day or 4 hours at least and serve. It tastes amazing chilled!


  1. This caramel looks very good! I usually use whole Savoyard biscuits, dried fruits and nuts when I make mine...

    1. Thats nice..Im gonna try that soon, although I don't find the brand of biscuits you mention anywhere over here.

  2. This looks delicious! Well done =)

  3. I love caramel pudding. See what you have done to me :).. I'm dying to eat one.

  4. Hehe..now good food is supposed to invoke that emotion! Why don't you try and make some? Its easy to make.

  5. caramel looks absolutely delicious..loved it!!

  6. This looks delicious! Thanks for visiting my blog and pointing me to this post. Will be trying this recipe soon.

  7. Sounds like a real winner to me! I would love to try some.
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  8. Wow. Looks delicious. Will try it this weekend.


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