5th Anniversary

This December was full of activity..firstly there was our anniversary on the 13th (we still argue upon it, I say 13th, Fi says 12th) and then there's my birthday on the
19th. I actually didnt want to celebrate anything. Why? well, for one thing, I was stressed about the progress of our work. And yes, Birthdays are just age-reminders..which I am not a fan of for the moment. This anniv, we kept it simple yet special. It was all in a hurry. Bought 3 different slices of cake, a few funny candles and we were done. I wouldn't imagine that Fi actually managed to pull a surprise off -managed to keep me wondering for a whole day about what I was receiving for a present. I was slyly asked about whether I like cameras or cam-phones. I answered that I do like the Nokia Lumia but I already have an X6, So I'll wait till I can afford the next generation of Galaxy S (take that, I-phone!) So, Camera is what I said that I would opt for given the choices. The next day, Fi pretended that we were only going to check out the cameras for information so that we can buy a few months later..and there, I picked the Canon Powershot SX150..14k is too hefty a price for me to afford. Fi just told the salesperson to pack it and give! I was so astonished! I just couldn't stop smiling! Its not the price or the gift, but the gesture where Fi would buy me a present within a blink of an eye even without thinking of himself.

Had Biryani for dinner, with some well prepared tandoori chicken. This is one of those days I will remember.

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