This day, November (2011): My Monthly List

Ok, it was my first list and I never said I am good at keeping lists although I am good at making them. No worries. I haven't given up and that's the biggest thing, right?

Ok this month, I have decided to simplify my list and there are a few things I have already implemented that are working out great which are gonna be a part of this list. So here goes:

  • Never go on the computer/Net after 10 p.m: I need this rule. Badly, coz I have been hooked to the net for a few years now and it has taken a toll on my health and dulled my mind as well. I made this (not a promise..coz, never make promises) oath to God that I will follow this and stop worshipping the Net. And I have been so far successful (count a month or so) so far.
  • Early Bird, Early Bath, Early Breakfast: Its only been a week since I started waking up early and to be frank, not so regularly but I am grateful to God that I surely begun on the right path. I have pulled mom and Fi into this. Fi suffers, like me, from dust allergy and walking on empty roads in such a crisp weather conditions the lungs and helps the immunity to build up. And the results are showing already! And mom? Her stamina has increased from panting (by walking just a couple of stairs) to breezing down the entire lane with ease. 
  • First Fruits of the Day: And that is Prayer-time with Abba. Nothing better than spending time with God early in the morning and reading the psalms to Him. They truly personify what I have been through and the regards and thankfulness that I want to convey to Him.
  • Finally SEW!!! Ok, I am gonna sew that dress after all...fingers and toes crossed!
  • Goa..I am still coming.. Next week, probably :)
  • Work out: Yup, like many I too am not a fan of going through this boring pain. But no gain (or here  - weight loss) without pain, right? Experts say, do what you love to do when it comes to exercise and I love cycling. I love it so much. In my childhood, I would bunk classes for the whole day, even force my friend to do so, rent cycles for 50 paise/ hour and go cycling to the outskirts of the town. And it was such an amazing experience - the wind in my hair, the earthy smells of the sugar-cane and coconut fields! I want to do that again! I am not buying a cycle as yet(waiting for Fi to gift me one  ;-p ) but I do have my dumbbells and the stationary exer-bike.. heave ho!
  • Get some Identity: I mean an ID, like a PAN card or a driving license. It does feel sad and odd to not have a public identity that has my name and address on it. You might not relate to it but I know what that's like. 
So, this November is jam-packed and hopefully a whole lot of fun as well! All right, I did  say that I will write about the results of last month's list and here it is:
I didn't get to go to Goa coz Dad had come..I know,I know..I wanted to go so badly but no fret, alls not in vain. We are going this month (fingers crossed). I'm still hoping for that 45 kg order, though we did get our steady orders so far. Nope, we didn't shift our home either..thanks to dad who postponed it to the summer next year (but my plans are no more betting on that..I have my eyes on other things). He instead promised to help with the testing of our products, which really helps! I didn't lose weight..not even close to the 6 kilos I was hoping to shed. I bought a couple of materials to stitch, which are gorgeous, but I haven't gone around them yet in the fear of messing them up. I have yet to throw away all the junk that's piled up..I need strong hands to help me.


  1. Computer time can easily envelope all your time so the 10 pm thing is a good rule. This is an inspiring post. Even though the new year is a little ways away, we can always start early on resolutions. Have a great day!


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