Diwali and Bread Bondas

There are some things that very unique to India - Cutting-chai (try it once at least), a myriad of food preparations that has no resemblance to elsewhere in the world, women bartering like crazy with
the street vendors AND the innumerable number of festivals. I have to yet know a place in the world that has more non-working days as in India! And of these festivals, is the one that hogs the limelight and that is DIWALI or DEEPAVALI( festival of lights) as its known in the South here.
I couldn't take a better pic, as I was using my cam-phone which doesn't work so well in the dark

Although I have been a Christian Believer for the past couple of years, I still am mesmerized by this festival - not the rituals or anything but just the umpteen metres of lighting lined up on every wall and compound. And yes the rich food served during this occasion is mouthwatering!

I didn't celebrate Diwali, but I couldn't resist lighting up my home either. Dad bought 2  extra sets of those flickering lights and I tell you, it looked so beautiful! I even had this bright idea of sticking these small lights around the front window and it looked absolutely wonderful. After a couple of days, the neighbours followed suit and did the very same thing! :)

Ok, for Diwali..actually, just coz Dad had come to visit, I made a meal-plan of my own and Mum and I cooked up a simple yet equally tasty set of dishes - Rice and Tomato huli( Light Tomato Curry from the South), Bread Bondas and coconut chutney, and finally ending with a dessert - Hesrubele Payasa.

Now I cant manage to write the recipes for all the above dishes (+ I forgot to take pictures of all the dishes as I was busy cooking and serving) but I will share one recipe with you - Bread Bondas and Coconut chutney

Bread Bonda Recipe:
Recipe adapted from here


Bread -10 slices, crusts removed
Potatoes - 2 big no., Boiled and peeled and mashed
Green chilli -  2, minced
Onion - 1, medium, finely chopped
Turmeric - 1/2 tsn
Mustard -  1/2 tsp.
Cumin seeds - 1/2 tsp.
Urad dal (Black gram) - 1 tsp.
Chana dal (Bengal gram) - 1 tsp.
Salt - To taste
Oil -to fry


  1. Take teaspoon of oil and fry mustard, cumin seeds, urad dal, chanadal. 
  2. Put the minced green chillies and onions in that.Add turmeric and mix well. Add 1/8th cup of water and mix well. let it come to a boil.
  3.  Add mashed potatoes and mix well with the fried onions. After three or four minutes take the curry out of stove and let it cool down. 
  4. Now take the bread and make each slice into two halves. If you have small slices, then take an entire slice.  Take water in a flat plate and put a slice of bread in the water. Make sure that two sides of bread gets wet. Remove from the water and take slice into your hands and press with your both hands and see that the water is no more in the bread. 
  5. Then take the potato curry and make small round balls with curry. 
  6. Take each slice of bread (which is dipped in the water) and put each ball of potato curry in each slice of bread and cover nicely so that the curry will not come out. Be gentle while doing this. Observe if there are any cracks on the bonda, if so then do some patch-work by dipping a bit of bread in water and patch it on the cracked portion of the bonda.
  7.  Now fry the bondas in the oil until golden brown. The Bread bondas are ready to eat. Serve it with coconut chutney.

 Coconut Chutney recipe:


Fresh Coconut - 1/2 no., grated 
Green Chillies - 3-4 (or as per taste)
Fried gram dal - a little lesser in quantity compared to the grated coconut (that's the best way to measure how much of this is really needed)
Tamarind - marble sized
Salt - to taste
Water - about 1/3 cup or a but more depending on the consistency of the chutney you require. I like mine to be batter-y.
Ginger - 1/2 inch piece, peeled, chopped finely,
Coriander leaves - 1 small bunch chopped 
Note: You may or may not add coriander leaves. Either version will give you a tasty chutney yet both taste different.
Sugar/ Jaggery - 1/2 tsn.

For tempering:
Oil - 2 tbsn
Mustard seeds - 1/2 tsn
Cumin seeds - 1/2 tsn
Black gram dal - 1/2 tsn
Bengal gram dal - 1/2 tsn
Curry leaves - 5-6

  1. Add all the ingredients mentioned (except tempering) and grind them to a fine paste.
  2. Tempering: Heat oil in a small steel ladle or pan and add black gram dal and bengal gram dal first. Let them turn to a golden brown colour.
  3. Add mustard seeds, cumin seeds and when they splutter, add the curry leaves and mix this tempering into the chutney. Serve fresh.

Bread bondas as crispy on the outside and the soft potato mix on the inside really makes it tasty. Enjoy!


  1. I'm saving the coconut chutney recipe! It looks wonderful!!!!

  2. @Momdecuisine: Thats the best compliment..sharing and trying! Thanks, dear


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