This day, October(2011): My monthly list

I am excited..very.

Its time. YAY! Ok, I'll clear the confusion - I have a few things I am doing this month, some of which I am really excited about. Man, can't believe that October's here already!

  • Go goa! Yep, finally the time's here. I am not skipping this! Family and I haven't gone out for rest and relaxation for quite a while now and what better way than to spend a vacation than go to goa?!
  • Shop till I drop..or till I can tolerate the blisters on my feet that are gonna come with Anjuna flea market, get ready for me!
  • Eat lovely goan food. Fi and I are all about sea-food and mom being the authentic bengali, we hardly can   resist good fish. But we aren't gonna spend on some fish I can make at home myself but on huge crabs and lobster gravy...makes me drool..mmm!
  • Beaches, beaches and more feet miss those sandy paradises..I haven't been to a beach...hmm, in 3 years now! (the last was on a college trip to karwar).
  • Getting our business going. Chocolate orders ahoy! God gave Fi a dream about getting a 45 kg order, and I am sticking by Him for the blessing He has promised to give us.
  • Getting all the little details of the business done - testing, catalogues, new products, advertising etc.
  • Sew a dress for myself..I am very interested in sewing nowadays. I am scouring the net for many tutorials and the like. Its inspiring to create. 
  • Change home..finally out of this bin-hole..! Dreaming of a calm, peaceful, airy, well maintained, spacious home with good bathroom fittings and no awful smells with a balcony..and of course no pesky owners!
  • Lose weight..6 kg by October end. Yep, still on the course. Almost gave up. Doing my routine 30-45 min on the exer-bike. I wish I had lost all the extra weight before going to goa..:(
  • Throw away all the junk that's piled up at home.
Hope I'll be able to do all this in the course of this month. Hope in God.


  1. I just made an exercise resolution too. It's not easy! I think I'm allergic to working out. Uggh. ;)

  2. @ Tori - Shiksa: If only there was an anti-allergic pill to this condition...I too am not a fan of exercising but one has to go through pain to get into size 'S' tee-shirts!

  3. I wasn't sure where Goa is so I just Googled it. WOW what a beautiful place! I know how excited you can be!! Lots of beautiful resorts there. Have fun! I used to ride exer-bike for 30 mins and stopped. You encouraged me to ride it again least I have to do something! I need to lose....a lot! =P

  4. @Nami-Just one cookbook: Ya, Goa is so much fun, especially during Nov-December season when there's the carnival to look out for..I sure will have fun when I lose at least a bit of this bulk. And I am glad to have inspired you. Do some strength training with dumbbells, they tone your body and help u keep on losing unnecessary weight when at rest.


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