Its Fishy, I tell ya!

Thats what I have been calling my pets these days..Oh, didn't tell you? Fi got me a bowl and few pets to go along with it. I call 'em my fishies..not fishes. Pets truly are creatures that bring out the fun side of life. And so did they for me.
To tell you the truth, I am  not much of a fish-lover. I am like most of the world - ogling at cute puppies and would rather have my fish on my plate, well fried - barbecue style..not as pets in an aquarium.
Ellie & Spotty

I wasn't all that thrilled when fi suggested that
I ought to have pets in a bowl at home. I wasn't at all open to the idea..'what if they die?' was the question on the back of my mind. Somehow I was convinced to buy them at the mall nearby and now I have super-sized the humble fish bowl to a well set glass aquarium with the perks - lighting and a filter too!

The first fishes I bought were a couple of white and gold mollies. Both breeding pairs.
I also managed to name them well..
The only fish that was camera friendly..
On the rear is Bart.

  • Male golden Mollie -  'Abe' -after the grampa in the cartoon series 'the simpsons'. Abe is a sluggard, he hardly moves..and when he does he's quick. He is the most peaceful creature of the lot..doesn't get involved in fights and has a lazy eye. He has a favourite spot - his glass jar. He discovered it first and likes to go there a lot.
  • Female golden Mollie - 'Spotty' - She is feisty! I mean it! This lady is anything but..she is named so coz she has a spot on her back. She is a carrying mother..She bullies everyone in the tank and sometimes I think she's just plain sadistic. She gave birth to some fry the next day she was introduced to the tank. Its then I understood why she has been so fierce..she's been protecting her family. If I understood that before, I wouldn't have isolated her from the lot..she's been reintroduced but she still has yet to change her nature. Pity fishes cannot be trained like dogs.
  • White male Mollie - 'Bart/Bhukkad' - Named after the character in the simpsons again..he's a young male and very energetic..He swims in a funny manner, he tends to swim in one place for the longest time..and he eats a LOT, hence the pet-name - bhukkad - meaning 'hungry'.
  • White female Mollie - 'Ellie' - named after the masterchef 3 contestant. No pun neither offence. See, Ellie (the fish) is really beautiful..she has a very healthy plump body and very shiny skin..she is the most beautiful of the lot, hence the inspiration for the name..she too laid a couple of baby fishes..

No luck with this lady, Koothra..

The rest are a guppy breeding pair - Ms guppy and Koothrapalli. Koothrapalli is tolerable, he doesn't mess up with anyone, loves to explore, most handsome fish of the lot but no female wants to go near him..just like the character in 'The Big Bang Theory' sitcom.

We also recently added a pair of small fishes (no idea what they are called..forgot..but very vibrant and colourful), 2 neon colour fishes(probably tetras), 2 pink fishesand a couple of young sucker fishes. We had a sucker fish previous to these..His name was 'Bo chan'..we called him 'Bo'..after the slow speaking and moving character in Shin Chan cartoons. He's agile when he needs to be. He died..and soon after his death, so did many of the fishes..the list include - Koothrapalli, all of the white Mollies, a pink fish (cant identify its species)..I don't know the reason..but I suspect it to be the mischief of Spotty who has been terrorizing the whole lot..I hope no more fishes die..It becomes sickening and sad to see them die..Well, I am thankful for one thing -the improvement in my mom's health ever since we brought the aquarium..I am really glad about that. Fi is gonna bring in some small sized fishes..hope they survive. Its nice to have pets around..but I only wish I could actually pet them. There is also a responsibility towards them that sometimes becomes daunting..trying to save the fry from being washed away with the old water while cleaning is something that we try to avoid and hence I end up scouting for the little being and putting them in their temp home while I clean the rest of the tank. It takes me hours to do this. Even with all this, its easier on the mind to sit down and relax infront of the aquarium watching them get familiar and happier with the clearer tank..

It surely is fun to have pets around.


  1. Heehee! What a fun post. You've got quite a collection of "fishies" here! :)

  2. @Tori - The Shiksa: Hey, thanks for droppin by..thanks for the comment and compliment:)

  3. My kids will want to visit your home. They want "pet fish" for a long time, but I already have 2 small kids and I don't need extra kids to take care of, including feeding, cleaning, etc.... Maybe one day. I know I'll be attached to the fish. :-)

  4. @Nami: Thanks for the comment..they are pretty easy to get attached to. And I have of late, found better methods for their upkeep and no hassles there. I sit long periods in front of the aquarium just gazing and sipping on my tea. Its very relaxing. And with kids, just make sure they don't feed anything and everything and too much, or the fish might suffer.


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