Chow Chow

"Chew your food..chew your food!!". Oh, sorry the words 'chow chow' just took me back to my childhood when my parents and pretty much my entire family gnarled at me to
chew my food properly before I swallow. Let me make this certain that this post has got nothing to do with that childhood recap of mine but a certain evening snack called 'chow chow'.

Indians all over the nation are familiar with this. They either call it 'bhel-puri' (with some added spices or dal), jhal-muri (In West Bengal..with a twist, again) and also the simple 'masale mandakki' (in the South). At our home, we have a unique name for this - chow chow. This is not a chinese dish, mind you..its a simple, healthy (no oil at all!) and tasty puff-rice snack we have ever so often.

So here's the recipe..ok, there's no "set recipe" to this thing. If you know how many onions, chillies and tomatoes you wanna use in a dish, you are good to go. But for those who go by the book or are entirely unfamiliar with this, here we go ->

Chow Chow Recipe ingredients:
For 3 persons.
Puff-rice (go to the local Indian/ Asian'll get some there for sure) - 5 cups.
Green chillies - 2 (sliced fine) or depending on your taste buds, add less or more
Spanish onions/red onions - 1, medium, chopped fine.
Salt - 1/2 tsn
Lemon juice - 1 tsn
Coriander leaves - a small bunch, chopped fine
Sev*  - 1/2 cup
Khaara boondi* - 1/2 cup
Tomato - 1, medium, chopped fine

{Sev - they are made of gram flour and are fried noodles like. Find them in an Indian store. Khara boondi - they too are made of the same flour, but round and spicy - You should be on the way to that Indian store by now}


Mix them all together in a big bowl and serve in bowls..or as a family, just eat from a single bowl. Its fun and that simple!


  1. This looks absolutely wonderful! I loved the little anecdote about "chew your food" ahahah!

  2. @Kate: Hey, thanks, Kate..keep me posted with new recipes!

  3. I love this :) I could munch on this whole day :)

  4. @Tes Yeah..true. love ur site btw:)

  5. What a great snack. My parents used to yell at me to chew my food too and now I find myself saying the same to my children. If I see this puffed rice, I will definitly give this one a try!

  6. @momdecuisine: Thanks for the compliment..nice!ha! now ur mom must enjoy seeing you run after your kids!

  7. I never had anything similar. It looks tasty!


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