Testimony # 2

I am a Chocolatier. So, my business involves food on an almost daily routine. It gets hectic at times, and at times pulls me down to tears with the sheer pressure of serving up on a deadline basis. Orders are coming in by the kilos and I am loving it. But as the blessings come pouring in, its easy to forget the discipline part and just slap it on the plate. I have been warned by my business-partner about serving it substandard. I mind it not to serve food that way, but its the packaging that I muck with. I have not always been that way. It is quite recent. Apart from the excuses, I am not happy with myself about this.

During our last order, as we were frantically getting about the
work to be completed, I just kept wrapping half-hazardly, the chocolates in foil. It looked good, mind you. But it didn't look great. And we, as representatives, have to provide what we say we provide. God was telling me in my heart about it..that little voice kept saying, "no,no..do it again..put a new foil on..do it new". I didn't listen.

Tonight, as any other night, propped myself in-front of the tube to watch my favourite show - Masterchef Australia 3. There was a pressure test going on and to the finish to reach the top 24. There was this one bloke - John Hughes. Everyone presented their dish, however raw/unkempt it might have appeared on the plate. Most of them hardly got the nod ahead for their dish but this guy comes forward with no dish in his hand. What guts! I thought the guy didn't make his dish on time. But that wasn't the thing. He answered, "I’m not going to present guys". "When I make wine, when I cook for my family and friends I produce quality and I put my heart and soul into it ... Today you gave me a recipe but time-wise I was out of my depth,’’ said the Adelaide winemaker Hughes. I was as stunned as the judges. I did notice the speech impediment, He suffers from cerebral palsy. I was moved to the bottom of my heart. I felt ashamed..tears welled up. Then I resolved not to serve anything sub-standard to our customers. This guy has put his neck on the line, while I save a few foil wrappers for a couple of bucks at the cost of our customers' satisfaction.  I am thankful to God that He has taught me a lesson, a lesson in discipline..and I am grateful to Him that I have. But I have to say, I never thought that a cooking contest would make me cry!

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