Pizza Party!

What matters more than Pizza? 

Sometimes that's the question that eludes me at times..times when my tummy craves nothing more than
rich carb-loaded food. What is food without richness (no salads for me!)? And what better to define that than pizza??
Sooooooo gooooooooood!!!!!

I, fi and mom made a small trip to our favourite pizza corner - U.S Pizza..I actually prefer Hubli's Pizza Hut but thats closed since 4 years and we had not much choice ahead of us. Don't think that I am complaining. U.S Pizza  here serves seriously good pizza but what sometimes is a bummer, I think, is the inconsistency in taste. No worries this time, it was all good and fresh. We ordered some fresh non-veg Mexican pizza (large), a medium 'Spicy chettinad'..along with a plate of cheese garlic bread. First came the starters - cheese garlic bread. They were so hot and the cheese was so soft and springy..yum! Fi kept asking if we could order another plate of the delicious bread. But I had to keep a watch coz of the pizzas we had ordered.
Cheese Garlic bread

The pizzas were fine, the service better - our regular guy who has always spoken courteously with us. And mom would hardly spend time talking. I don't blame her..the pizzas were THAT good! The only thing we went wrong about was the spiciness of the Spicy Chettinad..I thought we could handle the southern spice but it was burning our tongues. We couldn't help but reach for the water frequently. It was a good meal..we took the rest home (as typical Indians do). Ah, money well spent..once a month.

Some more photos..I know that your mouth is watering..:)

We are taking the rest, home..


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