Must do it before Birthday!

There are many lists that many people write lists, 'what I want to buy if I were rich' lists, 'whom do I owe' lists, wedding to-do lists, career planning and many more. This may or may not be one such list, I don't know coz this list is very unrehearsed. So, as I am writing this, I shall discover what I really want and who knows? Maybe it shall surprise you too! So lets get started -

  1. Lose 20 kg (roughly 40 lbs) - yeah, being in the food business and being a foodie doesn't help my waistline. I love everything gooey, soft, crunchy, sweet, savoury, hot and spicy, visually delectable food there is. I love to eat with my eyes, so you see, its a real bugger so when I pass a bakery or cafe, I am sold! Not any more! I am putting a tight whip around it and really minding it henceforth! I recently got a ' Lara Dutta' workout video to spice up my workout routine (you would understand had you known how boring it has become). So lets see, its not too late yet! I'll be posting pics of before-after once it happens.
  2. Go Goa!..this is one dream that I really wanna accomplish! The sun, the surf, the sands and the amazing food..oh man! And yeah, not to forget the flea paradise so far! Coming soon this October.
  3. Get our business really going - I am praying for clients for our business (we are already  getting..I mean the bulk orders) where my partner and I can get to the next level of our work. Yes, I understand the perseverance and determination it takes, but hey, God is on my side, so the sun is shining even in the rain for me! Praise God!
  4. Getting married and moving out - so far, I have kept my blog impersonal. but here's the truth, fi and I do wanna get married soon. And as any girl does - I too want a beautiful wedding that includes that beautiful dress, crisp weather, beautiful memories, minakari/kundan gold jewellery, wow shots (candid and elegant), that wonderful reception where I am the belle of the ball, lovely saris and of and lots of them!!! And finally moving into our pretty home ( I want us to own one) where the neighbours don't bug us, the locality is superb and the shopping mall is close by.
  5. Want to get my mom fit and healthy - I am really concerned about her. She has become obese. Or at least extremely overweight. I have to take her out and get her lifestyle started..the healthy kind. The one downside (if I can say that) is that she imitates me a lot - like if I start sleeping late a t night, she does too. So once I, myself become health-conscious, she too will be willing to join in. Just a matter of time. Prayers to my Lord!
  6. Own a pet dog - I love pets, especially the cute kind. So a labbie or a spaniel would do. It also needs to be a guard dog, giving the family and I, enough company. Mom says no, coz of the maintenance factor. Oh well..we'll see!
  7. I wanna be freeeeee! ...Yes, I wanna be prosperous. I want to bless and be a blessing unto others. Its my God-given dream to break the rules of this world which says education is everything, and employ someone whom the good Lord leads me to..someone who wants to work - out of their passion for the profession and also for the Lord. And so, I want to be blessed to! I don't want to be counting pennies any more when I am out shopping. I am grateful to the Lord that He has taught me many things and help me value Him rather than money. That lesson, by God's grace, will stick with me for the rest of my life. Jehovah Jireh!

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  1. Obviously, the first thing you need to do is discover your purpose. If you’ve already done that, then keep working on it everyday; do not let up. But for the rest of you, discovering your purpose is critical and exciting.


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