Moist Brownie Cake Balls

I had some left over cake (brownie) from yesterday...ok, it wasn't leftover..but I had to keep guard of this delicious piece of of a dessert (the whole family was eyeing them, ya know?!) to make cake balls today. I had come up with the idea on my own..having a ball with a cake centre covered with a dark chocolate coating. Alas, this recipe has already been invented, I just discovered it on-line. The thought of making cake balls/ pops led me to making cakes or at least practising them on an almost daily basis. And I must say, they were
absolutely delicious. Here's the recipe which I got from Veronica's Cornucopia for the chocolate glaze. It works fine..tasty too!

If you wanna look at my scribblings of this recipe, here you go...

So here is what happened - in "photo-steps" :

Getting the glaze going..

Now to get them together..

And now to the chocolate coating..

Onto the double boiler..

Now to dip the cake balls..

Let 'em get set on your plate...I used a parchment paper for lining my dish..others use butter paper but I found that it didn't stick to the parchment paper.


Try some!

Moist Brownie Cake Balls ready to be served..pop 'em quick!

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  1. Ooh-this is a great way to get my chocolate fix! The brownie pops look amazing. Well done & thanks for posting.

  2. @Tina: Ur welcome, Tina..thanks for the compliment. Happy weekend:)

  3. Delicious! I made these a little while ago, and I really like the way you describe the crumbled brownies as being like wet sand, only tastier. I'm a novice at melting chocolate double boiler style and put a small pot into a larger one. I like your idea of putting a large glass bowl on top. I will do that next time I need to melt chocolate.

    Thank you so much for visiting my blog the other day... It's nice to "meet" you!~ Yvonne

  4. @Yvonne: Hey, thanks for appreciating:) I aint some pro either at this thing..just a "year old" at chocolate - making and I absolutely love it. People use baine-marie and electric chocolate tempering machines. For a home-trial, the double boiler works just as well. This glass bowl is actually microwave-safe, so its quite thick and wont let the chocolate burn.
    Tip: always fill the lower 'water' container with just 1/3rd the level.It wont let the bubbles to touch the bottom of ur choco-bowl.

  5. The brownie pops look wonderful. Well done!

  6. @ Christine's Pantry..thanks, Christine:)

  7. Yum! I've been wanting to try out some cake balls. Great pictures!

  8. @ Momdecuisine: Thanks for appreciating...let me know how urs come out. i bet they'll be as delicious!

  9. Yummy chocolate delight. Lovely clicks and explanation. Thx for linking to the event.

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