Finally..a cake success!

Yep, after last time's disaster..I was totally left marooned on 'no-cake making territory', I don't think I ever wanted to bake again. I mean, cooking is supposed to de-stress me...not stress me! Anyway, with much encouragement from friends online and at home, I tried my hand at 'em again. The same thing - brownies.
But this time, I referred Betty Crocker's recipe (BTW, I love the book!)..and it did turn out fine..

Here are a few pics ------->

Round and round, in the oven, baking..with my heart thumping!

Will they, wont they.........?

Are they done?

Yep! They are done!
Only goof-up I did was sifting the flour before I mixed it in the wet ingredients...So lets call these - 'Brownie Cake Cupcakes'. Okay?

And ya, never add cashews in brownies..they don't have the crispiness and snap of a walnut or pecan.

Da ta da daaaaaa!

With great difficulty did I manage to make them stand like this...I don't know how other foodie bloggers  do this trick.
I am happy with my cakes...oops, 'brownie cake cupcakes'. Ya, they are light, maybe I should have added a spoon or two more of sugar but atleast they didn't fare as badly as last time..and that to me is progress..onto newer trials now!


  1. Bravo! I am glad you went back and tried again. These do look tasty. Pretty soon making cake will seem like a breeze!

  2. @ Tina: Thanks, Tina..I have tried many a times after that..and they all have been successes. Just needed to get the hang of it. will post soon

  3. ooooh wonderful! bravo!

  4. It looks so so tempting, I am making it this weekend :D
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