Contemplation and a cup of chai..

Chai. I have never been a fan of the Indian version of tea. Its sweet, milky, and has a taste that simply doesn't sit well with me. I am a coffee-person..probably the only one in my family. But since a year or two, I have been drinking the concoction by the cupfuls. Why? For the simplest reason, mom wont make it twice (and I always cherish the moment when she serves that cupful of goodness) and I have tried to
get off of my coffee addiction.

There are few moments as beautiful and calm as these - winding down with a cuppa chai, with the curtains closed, in the drawing room watching the food channel. Claire Robinson is cookin' up some delicious food by the '5 ingredients' thumb rule. Its fun to watch her, and I also wish I'd have that kind of a kitchen, but I dont think  I'd ever write down those recipes. 5 ingredients? There's more to cooking than that! ...unless its bread - toast. And then I look why I am really enjoying watching this show. 6 months ago I didn't even like watching 'Food TV' but now, I really am enjoying some of the shows! I wait for Masterclass (Masterchef Australia) with baited breath..I am 'googling' each and every food term I can find. I try to bake, cook and click every new thing that catches my eye. I have, in a nutshell, found my passion in cooking.

I never saw this coming..coz as a child I was never in the kitchen. Can't even attribute my sense of cooking and skills to mum, coz I never learnt anything from her when it comes to that. I remember some funny things I used to do in the kitchen - I would chop up some tomatoes, fry them with some tadka (or atleast I thought it was) and added whatever spices I would find on the shelves, and finally serve it up on a plate to dad - my lab rat. He would tell tales of my experiments in the kitchen to my relatives (for which I forgive him). My 1st dish was actually a Maggi noodles that I boiled along with some chopped green tasted horrible. Funny thing is that Maggi has come up with their new flavour, "Capsicano"(..or something as such)! But most of the things that I have managed to learn was by watching Sanjeev Kapoor of Khana Khazana every Sunday and jotting down the recipes for a decade..

Nowadays my shelf is full of cookbooks, and most of my bookmarks on-line are about recipes. WHEN I turned from a teenager who dared not to step in the kitchen to this...? I don't know. But I am happy. Its satisfying. Even through grave kitchen disasters, it never manages to wash off that passion in me. Its true what the Bible says - whatever you put your hand into, wherever you walk..God blesses you.

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