Whats cookin' doc? 4 - Pani Puri

Pani Puri

We have been gorging on take-outs for quite a while (which explains my waist size...eeeek!). This time, I thought of making some chaat food at home..desi style. Pani Puri, desi style. I found the recipe on this amazing site that my friend recommended me...and I recommend it too, if you love
Indian food( or at least want to try out some dishes). - Here is the recipe and Here is the site  - showmethecurry.com

I wanted to start off by keeping it all authentic and homemade, but mom told me I needed holige rava (fine semolina/suji) soaked for at least 3 hours before use. Oh, but I didn't have the time! So I decided to get the puris  from the neighbourhood bakery.

Puris..I cracked the centres with my thumb for the filling

Cooked the Potatoes for the filling, the Pani was tasting superb! But one mishap did occur..I got confused between the quantities of water for the tamarind chutney and the Pani..got them mixed up. The chutney thus became a bit watery but it did taste great. Fi got the boondis and sev(his recommendation).
We huddled up in the hall in front of the t.v (totally unnecessary as it was, we were too focused on the food). And we started piling up the puris..

First come the boiled and mashed potatoes..
Tamarind chutney and Sev in..

Now for the pani!
Sorry about the mess..thing is not all the puris were well formed..they had tiny holes at the bottom. Bu nobody complained..not even mom, who just slurped off the leftover pani from the plate. Mmm..just wish to have more!
You gotta try for yourself, mine came out fine..for a first-timer. Besides, its gonna take a couple of practice sessions to make it as good as the neighbourhood chaatwala. Ain't complaining though..was soooooo good!

Will be back with some more tryouts. Keep on the look out!

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