Whats cookin' doc? 3

Egg Fried Rice

Today being a Sunday, nobody wanted to cook or move a muscle. Dad relaxed with his books, mom snored away in the hall and I went back to surfing on the net. This evening, we were supposed to buy dinner from the Mess but it was closed. So, dad suggested we make egg fried rice instead.. So, I googled the recipe and I got a fellow-blogger's recipe. I trust blogger recipes rather than those cookery sites. They are tried and tested and I get to see real photos of the final outcome. A little prayer and lot of cooking between my mom and I, and the final dish tasted awesome. Best for a rainy day in. I would have loved some mushroom or gobhi manchurian on the side but this is as good a dish by itself...mmmm! You can find the recipe here

The hot Fried rice is fogging up my camera lens!

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