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Been a while since I blogged..A whole week! That wouldn't seem much for a reader but for an avid blogger like me, its considerably a long time. But I learn. Yes, I have learned to keep it tasteful and not overload this journal/blog of mine with daily nuances. I have learned, also, many other things.. Some of them being (as moments, this week):

  • It can be burdensome to do a lot at a time. Even if I were doing too much of a good thing. See, I have been praying for orders all this week and the good Lord has answered my prayers. But during the waiting period, my fi ad I kept thinking about how in the world will we be able to manage bulk orders! I mean, its a work-force of two people..With most of our work constituting manual labor, it would be daunting to manage it all. What we realized (or at least I did) is that it is more exhausting to think and do nothing, than it is to do something that big and difficult. And just today, we gave away an order worth 2 & 1/2 kg. Once we started at 7.30 in the morning, with a little break for breakfast, we were able to finish the order in 8 hrs max. What work we had kept for 4 days, we accomplished in 8 hours. I was glad at how resourceful we were and how efficient we were. It was all a learning process. Its God's way of telling me, "Ok, you did good. You have learnt many things via this experience. You have improved your quality of service and you didn't buck down. In a few days will come a 5 kg worth order, so this is the preparation for that and so on". Glory be to God coz I AM REALLY HAPPY :)

  • Yesterday was a real masala movie..in the truest sense. Early morning was wasted in a squabble with the owners about parking the bike and the plumbing problem. Man, I realized big time what the Lord was talking about all over in the Proverbs..about arguing with fools and big mouths..it SERIOUSLY is a waste of time. Made me lose my peace. I almost lost my cool over my family as well. But then, I was made to realize Satan's plan behind all of this. I gave up but the Lord didn't let me be defeated. I got up, shook it off and got ready to meet my college friend. I hadn't met her in almost 2 years. I kept wondering what I would say to her after all this while. Then I prayed a small prayer to God about making things interesting and helping me to speak my mind and speak fluently in Kannada (kinda lost touch with the language). When I met her, I was so glad. Some sort of peace settled over me..as if I found a new confidence. We talked, about past friends, future plans, home matters etc. She showed me some college videos and photos. They were really interesting. What amazed me was that she was asking me for advice about career decisions. Me?? The girl who dropped out of Post-grad and instead went on to try something else?? Me? I mean, she has asked my advice before about many things but they were casual matters. I believe I gave her sound advice. An all-rounder, I call it. From the Parents' perspective, marriage, family, time management and capabilities and a personal view. Funny thing was she was asking questions about things I have myself gone through in the past couple of years and some of the very same things I felt. Things like 'everyone else is either getting married, studying something cool or in a job..I too should get something quick'. I know how hasty I have been in the past, and God has led me to point of understanding. I gave her the very advice which I think is most essential in this fast paced nonsense world - 'follow your heart. Follow your dreams. Choose that which you have peace about'. Two hours flew by and I think we would have chatted a couple of hours more if I haven't had to travel so much.
                         Then I realized, I am bearing a testimony here. I went through all that pain, mockery, times of utter confusion and finally here for a reason. I am glad that God is using me to counsel someone in a very sound manner. I am not boasting. I wouldn't give any advice that is of MY OWN, but only through the Bible. I am glad to have a friend like her. It is better to have 2-3 good friends who respect you in your highs and your lows than to have a million who don't care at all.

  • 'The Blind Side'. At the first mention of the title, I thought it might be some hoodie gang- gun shooting- mafia movie, where a lot of slang is used and a lot of ugly stuff happens. But I was wrong. I watched this movie twice and I don't care how many times I watch it again. In fact, I love it so much, that its officially on my 'future family movie time' list. I am planning to buy a DVD once I get my hands on it. 

Its about an abandoned African-American boy whose mother is doing dope and father, he has never seen. On the other side of the town, lives Mrs. Leigh Anne Tuohy with her fine athletic family. She takes pity on this poor kid and gives him shelter in her well-furnished home..and there begins the story of this kid, who would have been considered stupid but really moved me with that final note (essay) by Michael Oher. Inspiring what one Christian woman (& family) can do. Faith and Action. Sandra Bullock gives a stunning performance, true to the real person, with a straight mouth and a straighter will .Yet still, there's that streak of tenderness that she is not willing to share exposed in front of her family..it is so charming to see this woman command a home and business together with that very southern flair and still find time to be there for each person of her family. Including William. I would recommend this movie to anyone and everyone. Its a must watch.

  •  I have been very bold in my prayers lately. So much so that, even I am finding it hard to draw the mysterious line that lies between being bold and being rude. I have apologized to God time and time again, though it doesn't change the truth that I find immense comfort in Him. I truly feel that fatherly love in Him, and that I can make all my wants known to Him, without fear. See, there is no condemnation, no pursed lips, no raised eyebrows, no 'hmmmm's when it comes to talking to Abba. I can tell Him absolutely anything and if I am wrong in my behaviour and thinking, He corrects me..and I accept it, coz I know that His correction and conviction has come out of love. I am grateful to God that He is with me (despite me at times) and that I don't have to be afraid of anything. I have a true Father in Him, even better than I have known my own.
  • Discovered the funda of working out. Its simply this - do what you love! I was pretty much making ugly faces at the exerbike, then I got an idea. And its been a successful week so far and this is my "regimen" - 5 minutes of walking on the exerbike (mild jogging, in fact), proper stretching exercises, 1-2 sets of each weight training exercise, 15-20 ab crunches, then again 5 minutes of warm down and finishing off with the stretching exercises. This in all comes upto 1 hour of my day. Yay, fi says I lose fast and gain fast. My facial features have become sharper...yeah, I haven't eaten much junk in a week's time as well. YAY!
So far, this is it...there are many minute details that I can't write about coz its too late and I gotta hit the bed. Goodnight. Ciao!

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