New Fridge!

We needed a refrigerator for a long while now..Our old Videocon served us well for over 13 years but it was time for it to be replaced..both in size and functionality. Thing is we banked on it for too long a time and in the past 6 months, it started coughing up like an ol' timer. The gasket was gone case, had to literally kick the door shut. The freezer went overdrive even at the lowest setting and the defrosting mechanism was no more working. My white 190 ltr baby served us well. Alas, no more. I didn't even take some farewell pics..not like I am attached to the thing!

We needed a fridge pronto coz
we had orders coming up and a broken fridge wouldn't serve us well in the time of need. Dad understood me and didn't fuss over it. We went to one showroom, and the guy assured us that he'd be sending us a new fridge the next eve..We waited, even unloaded the old one. But they didn't arrive. I called them up and the person on the other end of the line showed attitude! It really messed up my mind. I gave them a piece of my mind but now that I look back, they weren't worth nor messing my mind for neither wasting my time upon. The manager said that that particular model is out of stock and will only arrive about a week later. Wow...this is customer service??
We just stormed out of the place. My fi suggested me calmly to try out the Samsung showroom nearer to home. And the representative was so well behaved, took time to explain the details and differences between two models that we were finding hard choose between, gave us some essential tips of maintenance. I was more than impressed. We booked a piece and they delivered it on time that night. The next day, we got working on our orders and work began. By late noon, the new fridge stopped working! There was no cool air being circulated in it. I tried all ways, but it wouldn't work . By God's grace, most of orders were completed. Some 1/5th of the work remained pending, which we resolved to take care of later. I called up the Samsung person and he said he will send the technician to tackle the prob. I was a bit irritated that a new box piece wasn't working properly. Anyway, the guy came on time and checked and enquired. He called up the showroom and demanded for an entirely new box piece to be delivered in its place. I was very happy with the response and customer service. Surely, this is what the other company ( I dont want to mention their name) should learn from Samsung. The fresh piece started working properly and I am all the more relieved.
Couldn't take a better angle but believe me, this black beauty demands attention!
Its a 255ltr model - RT26HCL. Tag price - 19200/-, discounted price - 18000/- & with a 1000/- exchange offer on our old fridge, it came down to 17000/-..A steal!
The technician explained the details of usage the next day and we are all set.
The only problem that remains is this..
Where do I keep the box case?? Its so huge!..

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