Go goa!!!!!!

Ah...have been wanting to go there since...i can't even remember since when..since ages. I have never been to Goa. But the idea - GOA strikes a child's fantasy in my mind - full of fun things, finger-licking-good food, amazing weather, beaches...aaaaaaaand SHOPPING!!!!! Oh wow..! I have researched about the place and heard about it from close ones that it is MEANT for shopping..especially flea - markets. And I suppose to be a self-declared flea-market junkie (not drugs..just shopping). Clothes, trinkets, goggles, lots of hippie sandals, my fetish - earrings, Mcdonalds and sea food, and the occasional drink(if at all). Ah, this is worth the wait..and I cant wait for it to happen. My fi and I have decided to get beach-fit..by that, I mean, good enough to sport around tees and cool jeans without feeling conscious. And we are gonna change our wardrobes there..(not by the literal sense). I am gonna dump my behenji act and get cooler and trendier. Way GOA! Will post pics once I get there (which would be in October)..ciao for now!

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