Year of Harvest

Its been weeks and its not stopping. No, its coming..and coming in heaps! So much that its overwhelming and has definitely taken me aback. The Lord is shining and smiling upon me. I am smiling...
Its hard to begin this blog post. Not that its tough but I find it hard to...where do I begin? Its so much!

A couple of weeks ago, my fi and I prayed. Every morning we pray together. Nothing new. But this time, I couldn't hold back the words that were pouring out of my heart.

Recap: Before praying,
I watched this sermon by the Hagee Ministries about Harvest. I was moved. Something in me said that this was meant for me, telling me that I need to pay attention and proclaim the very words that were mentioned by the evangelist, "This is your year of harvest". The words instilled in me - boldness, hope, faith and power. I was like, "YEAH! This IS my year of harvest"

See, I have been struggling in many areas of my life for a long time. Not like I was alone, I was aware that God was and is with me..even in times I was freaking out and was in utter despair. He was also with me in the past few years where we were in financial need to fund our work and life. God always made sure to let me know that it was a part of His blessing..that He was teaching me how to be responsible, so that when I do get what I need, I am responsible about it. Its been a tough couple of years. Made me cry a lot of times. Went to bed in tears. Added troubles like jealousy or seeing my friends have what I always desired like marriage and kids and a nice home, didn't make me feel any better. But here it finally is. Here is my year of harvest. And I KNOW it.

My fi and I prayed. And I just said to God, "God you have been there for us when nobody has and we have nobody but you to rely on. You have taught us many things and I know that you have brought both good things and bad things to purpose for your plan for us. Lord, You brought us together and You are going to keep us together. I want You to plan our wedding for us. According to tradition, it is the father of the bride who gives her away to her husband and the father of the groom who welcomes her..You are...". My throat choked to the maximum at this point. Completely in tears. Because this was a very intimate and honest and sincere prayer from my heart. I told my fi that I couldn't say any-more.."I don't like to cry". He was so understanding and told me that it was al-right and there is nothing wrong in crying, that God expects an honest prayer as such. We declared that very day, that this year is our year of harvest. I felt something released. Like doors opening, like sacks of grain let lose, like something abundant coming our way. It was utter joy in my heart. A calm feeling, it was. Not the kind that would dissipate with time and circumstance. The kind of joy that settles in one's heart, never to depart. The kind of joy that can only come from God.

That evening, we had to make some sample chocolates for advertising. They were not turning out well. Maybe coz  of the cream. Maybe coz of the old fridge. I don't know. But half a kilo went to waste. I felt very disappointed. All that effort and all in vain. That evening my fi went to his friend's place to tell him that he actually was supposed to give him some chocolates as a gift for his birthday but they got ruined. And His friend asked him those very chocolates to taste. And he liked them! How?? Even I don't know. He liked them so much that he ordered 3 times worth more than what we had made for him. My fi's honesty was rewarded then and there. The next day, he made and gave his other friends some of the  chocolates. They loved it. And one of them placed an order and also invited my fi to post a banner for our chocolates in his shop. WOW again!
It doesn't stop there..He took my fi to one of his mother's friends and they have invited him to a party to showcase and explain his products! And the biggest shocker of all till yet is my fi's dad has become really generous and found out all about the suppliers and contacts necessary. Even about the food testing. We needed a break..A rest from all the frantic pacing around. And when we took 2 days off, here is God, working for us..through my fi's dad! WOWWWWW!!! Hallelujah! My fi and I kept thanking God and talking and talking, but we still were out of words to express our happiness and amazement towards what God was doing.

And the wonders don't cease. For quite a long while now, I have been feeling lonely. And I believe God has noticed that. The friends that I used to mingle with turned out to be hypocritical, judgemental or needy. I really couldn't share much with them for these reasons. I look at my chat menu...and nobody's on-line. Funny thing is that this one evening, my college friend whom I have been in contact with (if sending 'good-morning and goodnight messages is called 'being in contact') suddenly messaged me on chat! And I was taken aback. I was like, "What??" I realized in a couple of seconds that God had heard my wailing and understood my sadness. And He answered me through a friend with whom I hadn't spoken with for a year or so. Currently we chat almost everyday for at-least a couple of minutes and I have been very glad ever since. So, God was not only taking care of our finances but also of our hearts. :)

I am so joyous that my spirit within me screams with joy..grateful and extremely thankful to God. I am not deserving but thank God for JESUS! I know God is gonna prosper us this year, beyond measure. And that He will use us for His purpose. Thank you so much God for loving us and favouring us. We are nothing without You, Lord. Thankyou.

P.S: 'Fi' is the term I use for 'fiancé'..shortened.

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