Time for a new blog.....

Or atleast the feel of it.. Its getting a bit boring out here and I need to change the looks of this blog to incorporate what I am about. I think I am gonna work on the colours, the template (borrowed) and also I am sorry, I didnt actually give it my all. The name reads 'GIRL COOK ART'..But its been more about the Girl than the 'art' and a  little about the 'cook' part. Dont get me wrong..I am an artist first then a cook (I dont confirm so much to the cook part...its a learnt skill). I will be posting various of my previous paintings and sketches. I need to find some time to get back to my old love - Drawing and Painting. It was such a relaxing hobby. The fingers are rough on paper coz of lack of focus, but I believe that by God's grace, I will get better.

Here's to a new blog...ahem!..I mean an improved blog!

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