Testimony #1

OK, this wouldn't be THE first one in my life but let me begin by telling you what this is really about. The good Lord gave me an idea - of sharing my testimonies on the internet with readers, readers like you, with everyone. No matter how big or small it is, I am to journal it in these blog posts named as 'Testimony' to testify the Lord's handiwork in my life, in complete detail. I am humbled by our Heavenly Father's Love..He makes sure to take care of me all the time, despite me. It also humbles me to learn and remember how God is always on the forefront, handling everything for me. Here is one such day:

For the past couple of days,
I have been feeling a bit different, as if something were missing in my life. I didn't know what it was. My dad just arrived from the North for his vacation, staying with us for a couple of weeks. And I knew that him being here has something to do with all of this. You see, he isn't a believer. And there lies a conflict of belief. In the past, he has been very negative about me and my work. He has taunted me various times and scoffed off and even insulted my belief, although not directly but mostly masking it all with humour and giggles. He didn't do a very good job at the masking part, and thus I never got the joke. For me, what I am doing and the work and belief I have chosen are all too important to me to be mocked about. Even if it from family. And nowadays, by God's grace, He doesn't do that any more. But there is always that paranoia that he might or will do so, any second now.
Because of this, I found it hard to concentrate on the television sermons (I consider this my church) that I love to watch (Marilyn and Sarah, Joseph Prince, Joel Osteen, Joyce Meyer etc.). Every time, there is that heavy laden consciousness that says, "oh, what will he think? what will he say now? oh, I hope he doesn't mock or make fun of this" and so on and so forth. Yesterday night, I couldn't take it any more. My dad wasn't doing anything any more, so I can't blame him. Thus the problem must lie within me, I thought. And I asked God, "I don't feel right. Something is off-tune. I don't know what it is. If I have pride in my heart, then humble me, Lord. Cull out every wrong thing from my heart and may the Word be rooted in me. Prune me Lord, keep pruning me for my betterment and for You to use me. Give me revelation about this matter and a repentant heart. I don't want anything that keeps me far from You".
Our cable connection got disconnected yesterday, coz I had to pay the bill day-before yesterday. I paid it by 2 in the afternoon yesterday and waited. The lady told me it would take 2-3 hours for the reconnection to take place. I went home and kept the Set Top Box on. For 5 hours I waited yet I noticed no change in the TV. I called up the woman, totally annoyed and frustrated by this point, spoke in a very stern voice complaining about the delay in the cable service. She complied that they will immediately get it done. Ok, fine. Then that night, I switched on the TV and still no service! I have missed my daily Christian shows! AAAARRRRGGHHH! I was so annoyed with them with their poor service. I could have even sued them!But what's the point. I went to bed, grudgingly.
This morning when I woke up, I woke up with the hope of seeking some good preaching but alas, it was still not activated. Even my dad was fooling around saying, 'yeeeeey, its not on!'. I was annoyed. Then suddenly I felt peace reside over, like God was telling me to pray. And I did. I said, "Father, please make the cable come. I love watching TBN shows and I get to learn so much about you, I don't want to miss it. I love them!". Then after that small prayer, I closed the TV and went to room to read the Bible. Suddenly my phone beeped. I recieved a service message saying that the recharge has been made and the cable has been activated. I rushed to my TV set and kept the Set Top Box on. Still no display. In the next two minutes, It was on! Just a minute before 'Marilyn and Sarah' on TBN. At 8.59 a.m, a minute before time, the cable was on. And when Marilyn preached, she made me realize (the Holy Spirit through her) that I have been relying on my foolish mind instead of God. And then God told me, that's what has been out of tune for the past couple of days. That I have been too conscious of my dad's presence and instead of being bold in my faith and relying on my Heavenly Father, I have succumbed to the invisible pressures and paranoias that are around me.
       That revelation restored peace in my heart. And when dad came again, It was still a challenge but the Holy Spirit was making me aware of my folly and continually supporting me. Telling my to rely on Him, and in Him everything is possible.
I am very thankful to God that He yet again, came to my rescue. Found me and instructed me and encouraged me. What a wonderful, fantastic, dynamic and loving God we serve...WOW! I am thankful to God that he gave me this opportunity to share my testimony with you. Praise be to God

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