Something to be grateful for..

Recently, there has been a lot happening at a very rapid pace in my life. Its so much to contemplate that its hard to put each and every detail into words. Even as I speak, favour is being showered on me! Praise be to God! Hallelujah!Despite this, I am all the more grateful to God for His limitless grace, mercy and favour upon me. This is one truth that the Lord has taught me well - I am nothing without the grace of God. And it's a difficult lesson that I have come to learn..not easily, but with much time and patience. It has been hard to accept the truth that the grace of God is limitless and is freely offered. I am very much a self-obsessed person otherwise. So, here is a list of things that I am currently (hopefully forever ;P ) grateful unto the Lord:
  • For healing me of my past hurt and taking off that baggage from me.
  • For healing me physically...from a very annoying back.
  • For healing me instantaneously from the soreness of my heels. See, I have weak heals under my feet (flat feet) and they tend to hurt bad whenever I overwork.
  • For driving away strife and restoring peace in our (my fi and I) relationship
  • For stopping my dad from watching worthless movies that include violence and horror.
  • For teaching me to be responsible even with whatever little I have and not getting upset with what I don't have.
  • For helping me and being on my side, beside me times when I was depressed.
  • For forgiving me for all the sins I have committed and forgetting them, providing me with a fresh anointing every day.
  • For hearing my cries of despair and hurt, times when someone had wronged me, was unfair towards me...God was with me, consoling me and handling the situation in my stead.
  • For favouring me with purpose. What I do now, I LOVE my work and the bigger picture it serves.
  • For protecting us no matter where we went, no matter how foolish we might have been.
  • For bringing us customers and favouring our business in ways even we couldn't have thought of. It still makes me surprised, mouth wide open in amazement.
  • For giving us new ideas and teaching us how to handle work. Seriously, whatever ideas we have had so far are mostly from God.. found management books boring ;$ But I should read some.
  •  For bringing my fi and I closer as friends. We are more understanding and compassionate towards each other than ever before.
  • For giving us the boldness to drop out of our respective colleges/institutes despite stern opposition from family and friends. For giving us revelation about the education system and the world as a whole, that only He is the true one and only Him can we rely on.
  • For giving us moments of fun and joy that truly cherished, for giving my mom many moments to enjoy herself out in the open. See, it was a heaving burden upon my heart that I wasn't doing much to take her outdoors. She deserves much better than ungrateful family members, day and night without getting a chance to do what she wanted to do. God took care of that, and I believe He always will.
  • For showing us miracles - small and huge, in wide daylight. I believe its just our great Holy Father's way of saying, "Hey, I am here..and I love you". To God be glory.
  • For understanding me and helping me when I was lonely..this was a small but a precious miracle. I was looking at my chat list and not one was on-line. It was nothing new. I was used to being lonely, not having any real bffs. As soon as I sighed in hopelessness, the chat menu 'pinged'! A friend of mine from college messaged me..I was thrilled and extremely glad. And right then, God made me realize that He had heard my prayers and the deep sighs of my heart. I have no words..
  • Our family is much calmer and behaves less immature than before. I have only God to thank for.
  • Whatever stocks that my fi has invested in, almost all of them have prospered.
  • God has given us financial aid through sources that have been sceptic of our work and purpose in the past. God had given a vision about this very matter to my fi in a dream, and now it has come to pass.
  • For taking care of the legalities of our work. He made it go so smoothly.
  • God has taken care of even minor home problems like constantly clogged sinks and basins.
Blessed are those that are faithful to Him and obey Him, they have favour wherever they go.

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  1. Your posts makes me keep on reading..interesting shares you have though..great going!!


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