Monsoon chaat

Went to 'Kalyani' after a long time...the tine and the season called for it. Nothing better than eating hot chinese on a cold rainy evening. Here are some photos: 

Indian hotels..plastic sauce bottles & steel tumblers.

The Dishes....yummy!!!

Mushroom Manchurian
Kalyani makes absolutely lip-smacking delicious mushroom manchurian...but is perfect on certain days only...donno why :$

Special Chowmein
I thought of ordering something different...something I hadn't tried before. Chowmein was the answer. I had no idea what it looked like in the first place! Never had it before. It was a risk to be taken..after all, I am foodie. And my fi encouraged me..he told me take the special kind! When the plate looked like this..doesn't it look gorgeous? It smelled wonderful, to begin with. After the first bite I realized its consistency - fried noodles in a special gooey soupy liquid with veggies. It also had paneer (cottage cheese) bits in it, which complimented it. I loved it. It was perfect for a rainy day. Thank goodness it turned out well! Both dishes complimented each other well. The mild flavoured yet crispy chowmein went well with spicy and soft mushroom manchurian. This is one combo I am gonna order again the next time I am gonna drop by. Happy exploring!

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