Goodbye tummy: weight loss journal: what went wrong?

What went wrong?

I slumped...big time. Back to my full calorie colas, chips and oh yes, homemade rich biryanis. Absolutely no workout..if you can count out the rare evening walks around the neighbourhood. My healthy plan is far from being healthy. If there was a bill passed by the govt against fat flabby laziness..I would convicted to the 3rd degree. Reason for slump? No motivation from
self and closed ones. Ya, the occasional 'get on the bike now!' shout also fails to make me. Who cares?

And the monsoons have arrived..which means more attraction to food and slumbers in the warm blanket in front of the tv. This unhealthy destructive trend has taken a toll on my confidence and work pace as well. I cant allow this anymore..So, starting this Monday, I am gonna restart my workout schedule..with charts, motivational quotes, reasons..the works. So here's to a new beginning!

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