Finally, I am 'Arting'!

This is my first art submit on my blog..and don't get me wrong..I am not a novice (yet not a professional/ expert). I have been drawing since the age of 2 & a 1/2 and there's been no stopping me since then. Lately, I ahve been held up by work and other stuff, and thus this part of life has become a bit rusty. I pray that God restores what I have ignored, and I get back to one of the things I enjoyed doing the most - Painting.
 I love working with my poster colours and acrylics. I love mixing different media and trying out different feels on paper..experimenting is fun! And the way I work best is - straight out of the bottle and loaded onto the paper. Easels and palettes are not my best friends. I let my God and my talent drive me..just go with the flow, and discover what I've made! That's true learning for me. Here's something that started out as a very blurry resemblance to peacock feathers..
Almost finished..

Here is the finished painting..nice, huh?


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