Yay..games! Age of Empires rules!

Age of empires..my huge army is getting huger!
Ah, finally I can play! not cricket, not football, none of those indoor games either..but computer games..something I grew up wasting most of my time on. The only kind that interested me back then were simulation games, where I can be kind of a "God"..controlling and administering all of the elements of the game characters and sequences. It made me feel that I had the power..even if it was in High definition pixel format behind an LED screen..

The game I used to play most often would be - Age of Empires, Zeus and Nethack..Nethack was one exception to my 'all simulation' preference. I liked the adventure part of the game, I would usually pick the
Archaeologist as my character coz I would get tools to dig around to find precious ornaments and potions. My dad never understood why it was interesting..but he too has been patient with me. Ah well, "Parents!".

Age of Empires, I loved!!!! I first came across it in a software DVD that came free with a computer magazine..it was a trial version, but the graphics and role-plays were so awesome, I really didn't mind. And then, after a while my computer crashed (which would often have the habit of doing that, coz of the viruses in the CDs or coz of accessing the net too often). I asked the computer repair guy to put in a couple of games into it after the reboot..and wallah, I had my very own full version of AOE!! Of course, it was AOE version 1..but I really didn't mind.

Now, years later, 2 computers have come and gone, and I got Age of Empires (full version...yay!) version 2 from a friend...wow! I couldn't believe it. I have  become a bit greedier since then, I now want Zeus: Master of Olympus (full version)! And, good news! I am getting it today...yipheee! back to gaming, guys!

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