Needs of a restless mind

I haven't had peace. Or at-least experienced it for quite a while. I cant say that I dont have peace coz Jesus has already given me His. I horde a restless mind which is quite a bane to bear. Its hard  enough during the day, wanting to finish a thousand things at one go..its worse at night where putting myself to sleep becomes an arduous task. I have heard myself say in bed, more often than not, "I am bored". I really am at that hour of the night! At that moment, sleep becomes a torturous thing to do..and I just cant wait for it to be morning again. I wonder if Martha (who chose to do her  chores rather than sit still beside the Master) went through this agony...

Its rare when I actually scoot over the comfy sofa and actually enjoy a read or scuffle through the newspapers for a good article..even my TV time has reduced a lot. I hardly watch anything at all..unless Betty makes a comeback..fingers crossed! I wanna do so many things, ya see..If you are not convinced by my sorry state, then this list might surely convince you: (and remember! these are the things that I want to do in the span of a single day!)

  1. Reduce all the extra weight.
  2. Go to Goa and have the fun of a lifetime..
  3. Get married to my fi, have a wonderful home, puppy and a baby..
  4. Go on a tension-free trip with my family to somewhere serene and wonderful.
  5. Buy all that I can carry from the stalls of Goa...especially bags and tops.
  6. Visit CCD..its been a while.
  7. Try out some delish dishes on the beaches.
  8. Finish all my work related to our business..right!
  9. Get our advertising and marketing campaign going full swing.
  10. Get customers and a good monthly earning and achieve success
  11. Move to my dream chocolate cafe.
  12. Have a very memorable wedding.
  13. Have a lot of wonderful friends.
  14. Buy all my wedding jewellery (of my choice) and clothing... of course, that one special wedding gown!
  15. Take care of mom's dental checkups.
  16. Decorate our new home the way I like it...paint and all.
  17. Iphone 4...nuff said!
  18. Eat puchkas!
  19. Try out outrageous funky ice-cream flavours and that one special jumbo triple scoop cone...mmmmm!
  20. Own that special idea of a shop that I have in mind..I aint disclosing details...its one of a kind!
  21. Own a good car.
  22. Sew our baby's first dress...oooooooh!
  23. See our business going national, employing everyone and anyone based on Godly standards.. that's a purpose.
  24. Visit Delhi, Mumbai, and ya, the place of my childhood - Bangalore..esp with my fi.
  25. Learn to sew and sew wonderful bags, mom's blouses (saves her money), my tops as I would design them, furnishings and make a business out of them.
  26. Get really good at art...I am good at drawing and paintings..I would love to make a business out of them or see them hung in a prestigious gallery.
  27. Own a slick website.
  28. Own a professional or semi professional cam like Canon or Fujifilm and take pics of people in very ordinary yet compelling situations...I have quite a couple of ideas in mind. And post the pics online and produce them as art. After all, photography is a form of art. Also, I would like to be appreciated ;)
  29. Join a chocolate and gift-box-making course, to improve my skills.

The list doesn't end goes on and on and on..see, I have a quite a no. of talents that the Lord has blessed me with..its my skills that I have to hone and improve.. But it becomes distressing when I expect too much out of myself in a single day. It in turn affects my performance for the day, and I end up with my head in my hands..I also tend to think that life is too short to miss anything. And I have literally wasted a LOT of days! Something I gotta get over with.

I have a lot of expectations. A lot of hopes and dreams in every area of my life. The solution, I know. But its harder said than done. Thing is I know its not wrong to expect..but it would be right to expect and hope in the Lord. And the harder part is waiting expectantly upon His Word's fulfilment. Thats something I still have any progress with..I am learning..I am learning.. 


  1. Fantastic blog !
    Loved the header :)
    29 points ? good and great one...

    1. Thanks, Dee! yeah..29 isn't the number that marks it but I managed to pull off a couple of things off the list..I have my entire life to finish the rest:)


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