Mixed emotions

There are certain expressions that my face doesn't hide when it comes to a particular list of things..even moments of these are enough to bring that sense of wonder/dread/ tears/smile on my face..

  1. A wide sheepish grin...when I buy a new bag/purse..I love bags. I can surely say I have a passion for them. Colour, leather or even cheap rexine, they all make me smile with childish joy. Apparently, I do horde a collection.
  2. A relaxed sighing voice..when I listen to wonderful classics like 'The very thought of you' or 'Someone like you'..I tend to imagine a very dewy picture, where there's a gazebo, and a garden surrounding it..I am wearing one of those flowy frocks from the 50s..a view in pink..and I am just floating around. Nothing more soothing that those good ol' classics.
  3. Utterly bored..Cricket is the culprit here. Its been 4 months and ongoing, and it doesn't seem to end at all! How can a billion people be addicted to this stick and stone game, I really don't get it!
  4. Very excited..when I get a new batch of craft supplies. Lace and Organza ribbons, handmade papers, tissues, punches, scissors...ooooooooooh!!! I just love crafts!
  5. IRRITATED crazy...when I keep hearing the same nonsense over and over again. It gets really frustrating when an argument leads to no end.
  6. Confused...when I am counting numbers. But the good thing is, I like calculating stuff.
  7. Happy..when all things get done in time and order..I expect a lot out of myself, ya see..so that in itself is too much to handle.
  8. Really upset..when the person you thought cared about actually hurts you purposefully. I dont seem to mind nowadays.
  9. Satisfied..after a delicious meal of home cooked specials.
  10. Blank..when the other person wants me to know what the problem is through his/her code language/indirect ways...hey! I am no mind reader!

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