Its raining Mangoes!

Ah, Its summer again and its raining mangoes...I know that its mid May and I should have bought these favs of mine a long time ago but I have a rule: Never buy mangoes when they are fresh out in the market...wait for a month to pass, you get better variety and at reasonable price. And buy I did! My favourite kind has to be Alphonso..nothing beats the king of the lot! And the best way to have 'em is au naturale'. I mean, I like to just peel the skin off with my bare teeth and savour them slowly. I know its messy but that's the fun part! I get to be a kid again!

Ok, so this would be the first recipe on my blog. Don't hold back or flip to the next blog on Blogger..wait a sec and read on. This, of course, involves
mangoes. Its served as a morning b'fast alongside Indian rotis ( to tell you the truth, it really doesnt matter when you eat it or tastes just as delicious no matter what time of the day!).Its called "Seekarne" and here's how its made:

Seekarne recipe:
Serves: 3


Alphonso mangoes (these are the best! or use any sweeeeeeeet mangoes they sell in the market): 3 pcs
Cardamom powder: 1/4th tsn
Milk: 3-5 tbsn
Yeah, thats all ya need!


Yummy mangoes...!
1. Peel the mangoes and then scoop out pulp with the sharp edge of a spoon, into a bowl. I don't like wasting anything, so I even scrape off the pulp that's stuck to the peeled skins.
The pulp
Whats Left of the skins...:)
2. Then, add the cardamom powder and milk to it and stand on 1 knee and keep saying, "I am a mango tree", just yanking your chain..just add the cardamom powder and milk.
Cardamom, and the milk in the background that's "yellowed" coz of the mangoes
3. Now, this is the fun/messy part ( whatever you wanna call it). Put in your hand and mush the pulp. Dont mush it so much that it becomes a goo..let a few bits and chunks remain.....rustic, huh?
Mmm mm mm..Seekarne ready to serve!

And its done! Serve it chilled, or fresh...whatever you want. Yeah, also, the best midnight snack I have come across. Yeah, for your conformation..its tested and tried. Dig in!

P.S: Some people add sugar as well which I think is completely unnecessary and ruins the taste. Its naturally healthy as it is: no oil, remember?

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  1. looks great...shall try when there are mangoes in my town...

  2. Such lovely and alive pictures, I could almost lick that mango! It made me miss those mangoes!

    1. Haha! Thats the magic of Mangoes..hardly any fruit compares, Sunil.

  3. I have missed three summers in India, that means three mango seasons. Your mango photos are making me drool and indulge in severe bouts of self pity for not having proper mangoes for so long!

    1. Ah, some of perks of staying in India, ki bolche, Suchi?

  4. Too yummy, will surely try making it:)Nice photos too

    1. Thanks Viya..and do wont believe how easily this replaces the junk food in the pantry/fridge as a dessert item!

  5. wow...this looks so delicious and tempting me a lot...inviting clicks!!
    thanks for linking it...
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