Goodbye tummy: weightloss journal: day 9 & 10

Days 9 & 10:

These past couple of days have been very hectic. Most of the schedule has been hogged by travelling. But they were good trips. Ok, I won't take much time on this.

Diet: Have maintained it pretty much to 2 bowls of corflakes+1 small regular meal a day, oly thing is that I get hungry..very. And I have finished the small packs of bourbon biscuits that were in the snack box. Chicken has become a regular (3/4 times a week) part of my diet..good.

Exercise: I haven't been able to workout much, basically to the severe pain under my left shoulder blade...I should have known better than to swing my arm so much while throwing pebbles into the pond! I didnt stretch before that, you see..The pain is unbearable when I stoop downwards..I am recovering soon.

Good news is that I have been told that I look much leaner and that there is a noticeable difference! the good kind, that is...I am happy:) The efforts are in progress....

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