Goodbye tummy: weight loss journal: day 'I dont remember anymore...

Day: I dont remember anymore...

Been quite busy lately...not been on the blogging arena for a while....atleast when it comes to this journal. ya, I have been consistent with my food and weight loss programme. but my weight loss programme hasnt been consistent with me..see, somehow, of late, the Kelloggs cornflakes diet doesnt sit well with me anymore. I feel week and sense, starving hungry afterwards. So, I have switched back to my old home cooked food but in lesser portions. And my exercise starts well, with 15 min early in the morning ( I dont even break into a heavy sweat anymore!...stamina! yay!) but as the day courses through, I tend to get on with my duties and eventually keep postponing my daily 4-times-a-day workout programme..Ya, that means I have reduced it just 15 per day..aint superb but ok.

Good news is that, I get compliments for toning down...even my face has tones down! yay...will keep ya posted!

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