Goodbye tummy: weight loss journal: day 7 & 8

Day 7 & 8:

Day 7: felt woozy all day...the minute I woke up..I woke up on time - 7 a.m, that is. Had my cereal cornflakes breakfast. I wanted to get on with the rest of the daily duties , but I couldn't. Then I thought a cup of caffeine would do me good..but to no avail. The world kept spinning constantly the whole day..I couldn't figure out why. Wanted to exercise. I really wanted to (that's a strange want!) but I couldn't bring myself to
the exercise bike. Then I was suggested that maybe living on cornflakes has made my head float too much.  I guess my body, which was predisposed to fatty, rich proteinacous-carb food could handle the lightness of a cornflakes diet. Not like I eat it the whole day! I make sure that one meal of the day (lunch mostly) is a regular meal consisting either of rice or rotis with veggies. Anyhow, I skipped the night corn-flaky stuff for a filling meal consisting of homemade chicken hakka noodles and chicken chinese fry..the soy and white flour wont do me much good..but I did sense the wooziness go away. I guess I just gotta take it easy on myself and not be so strict..I gotta feed it good chicken and rice once in a while, just so my body doesn't backstab me like this..:)

Day 8: Today we went out and friends. So there's no point of considering a good, healthy menu for the day. The exercise included trekking in the woods for a of throwing stones into the pond ( worked out my arms) and wading in the river and playing around. I'll tell you all about it in my next was great fun and rejuvenating too. The food didn't include any whole wheat bread sandwiches as I has planned( the bakery was out of it..yeeesh!) but Idli-wadas for b'fast, Masala bread and Garlic Cheese-spread for snacks and yummy Chicken dum biryani and chicken manchurian for lunch. We also gorged on ice-creams on the way home. It made me all the more thrilled and positive for the next day's work!

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