Goodbye tummy: weight loss journal: day 6

Day 6:

7 a.m :Woke up early..or at least woken up early..either way good..early bird gets the...first  go to the loo;)

7.30 a.m: Geared myself up for studying the Bible. Good good preachin.. The Lord leads the way!

8. 30 a.m: B'fast. A small bowl of
Kellogg's cornflakes and skim milk. It surprised me that that portion of food really filled me up! And a cuppa coffee to go. I realize now why I have been feeling sick and sluggish these past couple of days - it was the lack of coffee. See what happens when you go cold turkey..or at least when you run out of supplies??

9.30 a.m: Made some chocolate recipe trials..had to determine the pricing of the thing..I know I shouldn't be working..eeeeeek.

10.40 a.m: Bid my friend goodbye..its good to have friends :)

11 a.m: Ah, man..its sunday..the day you throw ur shoes helter-skelter and sink into the mattress watching comedies and sitcoms and cartoons the whole noon. I watched Shin chan mini movies...good laugh!

12.40: Workout! 15 min were exhausting...but oh so worth it!

1 p.m: Lunch - 2 dry whole wheat rotis and some left over chicken curry and fry.

2 p.m: zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.....................................

4.30 p.m: Huh, what? who?....oh, I am awake.

5 p.m: relaxing with mom outside looking the mango trees..its very important to relax and take a note of nature and spend time with family.

7 15 p.m: I push it...was supposed to do 10 min..but after that 11 min mark, I just couldnt feel the pain anymore..just heat and sweat rising up.

8 p.m: Dinner..A plate of kelloggs with a teeeneee half-a-spoon of hershey's chocolate was fulfulling..both for my tummy and my taste buds.

I m gonna hit the shower now. Then I am gonna chill infront of the tv for while and doze off soon..
Take my word for it - Exercise and good food seriously make you feel better than the most precious jewellery in the world. My skin glows, I am getting slimmer and fitter and moreover I have greater stamina, I feel pumped up and most of all - I feel so very confident.. like anything is achievable. try it. God bless you!

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