Whats cookin' doc? 2

Baking is one this that deludes me into oblivion. This is one art of cooking that attracts me like a moth to flame (coz of the pretty pictures I see in cookbooks & the net and also coz I love cakes). But when it comes to actually putting it to test in my kitchen, I usually end up with a messy kitchen, a messed up mind and a cake-disaster. But that doesn't stop me from trying..so what if I slump one too many times with the batter but I still have my self-confidence or maybe short-term memory loss.. Anyway, here's another brave step into the battered field of baking..

Here's the batter into the cups..fingers crossed!

Nothing left over!

         And into the oven..

Brrr....will they? wont they?

Another disaster to behold..sigh..sunken brownie cupcakes (thats not the name) with very rustic looking icing.

So what if it was a fluke this time as well...at-least I tried..have I said that before? hmmm.

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