The weather this week

The weather this week : Sunny in the morning and cloudy - early evening..with slight drizzle by 6 and a breezy cool weather by night. Nah, no weather report, this...I am just giving you a look into my week that was. Mostly being stuck with stress and smiles between work and homely duties, it has been an interesting week. I  have learnt so many things, that's the main part. And then there is the part where I have to practice more than I learn which tends to drag a bit but I don't mind. My business partner tells me I shouldn't dwell into too much research. Its true, we have enough material and ingredients to mess with. Its the practice part that requires more attention. I am glad I did as I was told! Besides, I get to sink my teeth into what I made! Heeee:)

Truffles and barks: I tried to put my head around truffles this week, and
practice a bit more. And I must say I am getting better with each try! Praise be to God! But I still am not sure how they will sustain this heat. So I decided that truffles well dipped in melted chocolate are the way to go. the coating will protect the gooey wonderfulness inside. Better yet, mould them in shapes and sizes and they are good to go! Fantastic! I have had friends and family try em out and yes, the verdict is common - they are oh-so-delicious!!!
         Barks were a different case altogether.. not always were they successful. But that's a part of the deal. You win lose some. At least I got to learn. I have some really good ideas for some 'specialities' and I am gonna get good at ' no no, this recipe stays in the family. I'll tell ya contains cherries. that's all I can mention till I put it out there.
The outcome of it all is this - a messy table, chocolate fingers (literally)..any messier a workshop, it would have been 'chocolate toes' as well! What with all the gooey mess everywhere. Gotta keep it clean and efficient, people! Where was I? oh, yes..the "outcome"! SO here it is again - a messy table, chocolate fingers (not joking,again), a good bunch of tried and tested and now successful recipes, loads of ideas still swarming in the head and me still hogging the net for more. So, work-wise, its been a wonderful week. But I must say, I have learnt a few things about my partner and I - I am more of the nerd who will go by the book and my partner is more OFF the book who will do anything experimental to stay off the miles. Hey, I am not always the bookworm. I get ideas! But at the oddest hour..sometimes even at 1 in the night when everyone is fast asleep and dreaming of running away from their daytime job...I conjure more food theories to bring about the union between fruits, nuts and chocolate.

There's one area of work I didn't focus this week.. that's packaging. Its hovering on my heart like a guilt-tripping grandma. See, until I finish all the things off my almost-impossible check-list for the week, the piece of paper hovers on my conscience very heavily. Its a habit I am trying to get rid of for quite a while. Anyway, that was that about work..It hasn't been cent percent perfect but it was worthwhile and satisfactory.

The view from my verandah..
Rain-washed porch and mangoes!

April showers are here. Its so beautiful in the evening.. The cool breeze welcoming the rain in. Ah, how I wish to go on long drives soaking in the rain amidst fields and lush greenery..I miss those years.

Mom was upset yesterday that I didn't take her out. I could clearly make out on her face that she was feeling left out. We had to go out for my friend's bday (in a couple of days) and shop. I couldn't take her along. So we decided to take her out and give her a treat. What better way to celebrate a cool rainy day than a plate full of chaat-food?? So we dropped into Kalyani late in the evening (might as well call it dinner!). And ordered some hot food. Chole Bhature, Schezwan noodles, and a plate of mushroom manchurian. As soon as the order came, we digged in. Who cares who looks? And I took out my phone to click some photos while the food on the plate was disappearing fast! Eeeek!

Chole Bhature

Mushroom Manchurian

Schezwan noodles

Other than the Waiter sniggering in the background, it was a fun outing..finally we ended the day in the front porch - lazing on the cot, feeling the cool air breeze under a dark sky..the lights were out.

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