I am fooled no more

Its the month of April. The first day of April is "All fools day"..And Shin-chan's new movie (my fav. cartoon...dont giggle!) released on this day. I thought they were bluffing. Maybe its a trick, I thought..they'll put it on TV and I don't have to drop by the multiplex to watch it. Wrong. Besides, which sane adult in her twenties will embarrass herself to go watch it in public on April Fool's day?? I could have dragged a kid along but I am neither that desperate nor am I a psycho-nut. Ok, alas..

So what? I can go rent it from the DVD rental store next time. Anyway, that's not what this is about. But I felt like sharing it with you anyway. I am actually talking about being fooled by food up there in the title. Its another April. You don't get it? Well, every year I come across Summer with new sales in the market (smile), Watermelons & mangos (smile smile) and yes, new summer fashion (frown and despair). I love summer clothes. But each passing April is what a birthday might seem to you - a reminder of your AGE. But to me April is the month that reminds me of my constantly growing waistline. Ya, there are those of you who get exactly what I mean (thankyou) and the rest of you might just be rolling your eyes saying, "here's another one nagging about her weight..how hard could it possibly be to get on that treadmill anyway??". Well, I'll have you know..VERY! No, I am not obese..(whew!) but I certainly ain't dainty! And the exhaustion, pain and panting at the end of each (10-minute) session is too much. The goal blurs at that point and all I can think of is postponing it.

Well, not any more..its time and too far too much. I have a friend who's cousin shed 15-20 kilos in just a month with sheer determination and hard core cycling for 3 hours each day. I won't be treading into those lines but I am gonna straighten up and get on the bike. No more junk for me. I have loads to lose and it begins now. Love my fruits anyway, so that ain't an entire bummer. Gotta watch the soda intake and besides I can always lick off my fingers at the end of each  chocolate making session for my work! Antioxidants..good stuff. I have done it before. I can do it again.

So here's an ode to my favourite junk food...pizza. Farewell (=minimized intake) comfort food!

Now you understand why I couldnt resist having a bite (bites) of this..

Gooey pleasure..mmmm

Chicken Kheema pizza...sob sob :(

Meet you once a week..

There was a time when I did quit chocolates for 6 months or so..so maybe this might not be as hard as it seems, cant tell. But I have the support and love to back me up. And a nagging conscience that's a better reminder for now. Its better to feel good than stuff myself. And I haven't felt that pleasure in quite a long while. So here's to a hard and rigorous journey! 

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