Goodbye tummy: weight loss journal: day 3 & 4

Day 3 & 4:

More bad news..fell sick coz of food poisoning probably. Felt exhausted all day and tummy was feeling so weird. I should really stop eating those chat items that they sell outside. Why, I can make 'em myself at home and in a more healthier way! Hmm...not a bad idea. I can research about healthy snack recipes that taste as good as the junk they sell outside. I'll try and let you know.. I'll post some good healthy recipes once I test and try them.

So, no exercise for 3 days now...:(. But I am being healthy and I am getting back on it tomorrow, so no worries. Can't stress myself over things like this. Stress causes overeating, ya know! And I found another thing I can snack on the isle..
Kellogg's choco cornflakes (without milk). It boasts of just 146 kCal for just a small pack of 30 g (with skimmed milk), so that's good. And all the bad fats are to a minimum! And besides, better to munch on these at 10/- a pack than some cake that would sink in my pocket 40 bucks down..adding to the muffin top.

Another change (healthy change) I brought about in my diet is to have mom's 'phulkas' rather than those greasy chapathis. Phulkas are traditional rotis/pita breads just roasted on open fire where they puff up ("phulna") like balloons, hence the name. And they much much muchhhhh healthier. So yay me! And I have cut down my portion size to just 1 & a 1/2 from 2....the rice plate also has decreased in diameter so illusion works best. Never overstuff yourself, that's the key.

SO happy happy!

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