Goodbye tummy: weight loss journal: day 2

Day 2:

Oh, dear...this wasn't a good day.

  1. I didn't exercise AT ALL!
  2. Didn't wake up on time....10 a.m?
  3. Didn't have dinner on time...10 p.m???
But I did do some noble things when it came to my diet. I had to go to the mall to buy some groceries this eve and as I passed by the Ice-cream/Diary section, I asked for a litre of milk for the go. As the shopkeeper was fetching it, my eyes suddenly started gazing (or grazing) at the variety of ice-creams that he was serving up on the counter. Ah...the flavours, the colours, the mm mm mm mmm. But with grit hard determination, I  looked away and
didn't buy any of it. I did decide to quit tea altogether this eve. Why? Its got antioxidants and stuff, right? Ya, but this is Indian chai. When I heard mom pouring heapfuls of sugar into the tea -vessel, it alarmed that the amount of sugar I am gonna consume for a cup of tea...I heard atleast 8-12 tsns go in! SO no tea for me henceforth.

I recently watched an episode of the Dr. Oz show which mentioned that we need only about a tsn of salt a day and no more...but the amount of salt that goes into Indian food, you'd laugh at the recommendation. Its unimaginable. So I thought, I cant do much about what changes can I do? I can change what I snack on. I recently discovered tender frozen corn as a healthy substitute. I turned the packet and saw what the numbers read. It said '77g of fibre, 2.7 g of carbs, 1 g of fat and so on' But the suspicious part was 17g of that good? But the calorie intake was considerably negligible. So all in all, good news on a packet of 100g worth 25 rs. So its easy on my pocket considering how much cola and cake costs nowadays. And another change I have brought about is the amount of oil I use while its my turn to cook. It used to be by the, its down to tsns.

One might think that I would seriously sad and bummed out coz of the things I failed to do today..ya, usually I would assess that. But today, by the grace of God, I didn't. Coz I did read the Word of God today and it motivated me to head on..despite myself. Praise be to God, right?

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