Goodbye tummy: weight loss journal: day 1

Day 1 :

Weight: 67 kg/147.7 lb
Tummy size: 36"
BMI: 27.9 ( Ya, I get it...I am overweight)
Age: 25
I began this day by delaying my cup of coffee. I love my bed coffee and its been years since  I ever saw any change there...But today, I cut it. The kitchen is actually out of coffee supply, actually. So I had to do with tea :'(. A good workout of 10 minutes on the exerbike wasn't really daunting but it was energizing. Didn't start my day with prayer, neither did I read my
Bible...which has made my day sort of a bummer. I am sorry, God..

Breakfast was a small plate of pilau and mom's tasty yoghurt...mmm.

Then I went on about the day. I should have exercised in the noon - a brisk walk on my bike for 15 min was the plan but I procrastinated and excused myself by saying that I can instead do some medium strenuous work like cleaning the bathroom. It was quite a task..coz I try to do it to the max scrubbing and washing the floors. Then I cleaned and set up the craft room for a proper workspace. See, I am on schedule to convert the colder and cosier rooms into my workshop. I finished my tasks and watched Dr. of the only shows I do watch, during lunch. Watching Dr. Oz motivates me to be better..what with all the before and after stories that are aired so often. And I get to learn a lot about food and food habits. But even that couldn't distract me from the lunch I was having. It was a sad lunch. There were no appetizers nor any condiments on the side to compliment the dull dal chawal on my small plate..sigh. but I ate away. At least there was curd. I love curd. I could have eaten the left-over fish curry from last night's dinner. But I really am not into stale food. Supplies are low coz its the last week of the month and I really have not managed the ration money too well this time.

Then I got about my work and started researching about cake recipes that I could include in my menu. I realized one thing that very moment - I feel soothed when I look at pictures of yummy food..especially desserts. I am a sugar and salt junkie but hopefully by the grace of God, that's gonna change.

Here's my tea and looking at it..I can actually think of the things I can cut down on and substitute them with good food like fruits and nuts. And ya, dinner's gotta be before 7.30 p.m...gotta remember that. Work out at 6 and then again at 8.30-9 at night. My idea is to just walk. I really am not a tick-tock go-by-rules step-exercising nut. I like to exercise just the way God put it - walk.

I slightly delayed my 1/2 an hour. Besides, I am gonna stay awake till 11.30. My favourite comedy is gonna come at 11. Not my fault! I really gotta mind my sleep timings. A good night's sleep is good for vitality and health. After dinner, I had a piece of liquor truffle. It was goooood!!! Then an hour later, I worked out and here I am. So today, if I can sum it up right - I worked out for 30 min plus some medium strenuous house work. All pluses today!
See ya tomorrow! 

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