Family eat out


Recession has hit us pretty badly or maybe I believe more in saving than spending..Or maybe its just the darn inflation biting our backs. Whatever it is, it surely doesn't allow me to splurge much. Working on a tight home budget has been my forte since I was 18. Though I cant seem to bask in its perks any longer. I am capable of saving a couple of thousand bucks in the beginning but by the time the month comes to an end, its serious crunch time and more often than not, I end up digging into my savings. Its not a good feeling...not any more.
But I am used to it. The past couple of years (especially the precious year) has been spent in buying reasonably and "efficiently". I don't mind. Besides, I don't find it funny nor exciting to roam around the clothes section of the mall coz of the shrunken sizes they sell which are always a few inches too less. And the exorbitant prices of tops sold in boutiques doesn't match up with the poor quality of the clothing itself.

So the only guilt-free pleasure that remains (when it comes to spending big) is groceries. Don't feel sorry for me. Coz I have always loved to indulge in these little things. But this is only limited to malls where I have the freedom to shop on my own without a pesky grocery-shopper on my neck to choose quickly. Some people like to window-shop, others like to jump off cliffs calling it "adventure-sport" and I like to buy things that come with a seal on it. Be it wandering into the unusually well-lit corner of the mall where the cosmetics and toiletries are sold, or raking off beans when its on a sale or even buying a 'buy 2 get 1 free" soap.. It just makes me smile a little more. The little pleasures of a home-maker, huh? I understand it purely. 
Its a better feeling when its shared. Mom loves to come along..we are alike in some ways, you know. And a friend who gets tired too often but is still willing to help all the more. I cant tell. Its nice. And its better when the whole list has been ticked off and we can settle in the coffee corner for a drink and a pizza.. Cam-phones come rolling out and there are frowns and tired faces to click. But the best part is when the food arrives. Sharing a slice and sip is the best way to enjoy with family and friends, any time.

Dig in!

Whom does that fry belong to??


drinks...caramel frappé, I think..

Finally stuffing ourselves with a burger..

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