My first a very looooong while

Hey, cupcakes are nice..I love these sweet-stuffs as much as any other overweight,plaque-infested foodie..Ok, I, don't cringe! I haven't baked in a very long while..the first cupcakes that I ever made were when I was 18..out of a bake-mix. And I don't believe in cakes that come out of an "easy-bake-mix" box. So technically speaking, these Banana cupcakes really are my first ever cupcakes!
           I have been suggested to venture into cakes..cupcakes are best. they are small, reallllly fast food, look oh-so-cute with frosting on top and easy to make... Did I say easy to make? Hmmmmm..maybe I said it too soon..

Banana cupcakes - The batter looks harmless, doesn't it? But I found it hard to cream the wouldn't fluff up no matter how much I beat it..and I used an electric hand beater. My patience grew weak and I cracked in the eggs. I was only hoping that the rattling noise of the hand-beater at 10.30 in the night wouldn't bug the neighbours and the owners downstairs...! Then came what looked like a milky yellow goo..Mashed in the bananas, mixed  in the vanilla and thus the above goo with the rest of the ingredients..
I did fall short of 1/2 the quantity of what? Its just a try.

Here's the first batch ready to be popped into the oven...fingers crossed! Should it be to the rim??

OOOAAAWWWW!!! No, I didn't go hulk on it and pop the head off! It got stuck to the mould and no matter what I did, it wouldn't budge!okkk..its OK, maybe that's not the fate of the rest of the batch..

No no no no no! The whole batch has crumbled..:(

Ok, no despair..Here's another batch into the oven but this time, no naked cupcakes but in cupcake-liners..well greased..I keep a cautious watch over the twirling moulds in the oven this time..

Aaaahh...finally, they plop out of the moulds..but I greased 'em too much..the buttery taste at the bottom doesn't sit well well with me and I don't think they look so perfect either. But at-least I don't have sunken cakes or a gooey mess or a dry cake..They taste good for a first try, actually they are not so bad! And the texture inside is spongy yet mildly soft.
So moral of the story? Don't try anything without learning your basics. And try and try again. That's the funda to good baking. Baking is a skill...You are not borne with it...I have hope:)

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