Mom and memories

I sit in front of the computer screen late at night. There's nothing new about that for quite a while now. And here comes another warning call..or might I say- a reminder from dear mom. 'Mumma, khaana...' (translated roughly: "Baby, food"). Its the umpteenth reminder of the night and I am still here searching for more recipes on the net. I don't blame her, the dinner IS after all, getting cold. Usually its my nature to give in to my temper and shout back..and there would be a dead still of silence, which given HER nature, wouldn't last long..I just give that bleak "Haaa.." (yaa) and get back to Google. After getting persistent disobedience from me, she finally enters my room to give me another reminder and a slight lecture in discipline. One look at her and I burst out laughing...not the taunting kind of laughter, the genuine kind - like that of a kid who has just been amused by his father's shenanigans. She's sitting in front of me wearing 2 hair clips so close to her hair-line that she really looks funny..and mind you, as adorable as a 3 year old princess. I cant stop and finally she asks me, "Kyu..Accha nahi laga kya?" (Why..Doesnt it look good?) Oh, it does. It does look good.

         Sometimes, I am just amazed at her. The strength she portrays as a  woman who has faced many hardships in life (evident on face) and the sheer innocence of her nature which is unmatched in this contemptuous, conceited and all-too-knowing world. I listen to her usual disciplinary rules. I don't pay heed..what really catches the eye of my focus is her love. She cares. Cares too much, I think. But I don't complain. Cares that I will go hungry if my mind is on the screen for too long. There is too much love spilling out of her for me to focus on what she actually is saying. I fuss about it..I want her to feed me. Whats my excuse? "Tum zyaada accha khilaati ho" (You feed me better). She gives in and I mix in the curd. Something as simple as Daal & Rice ( which is the staple of our everyday boring diet) takes on a new plane when she feeds me. Its not boring anymore. Its diluted with her pampering care and affection. Forgive me the Poetic Saccharine but I tell you, there's nothing in the world like a mother's care.

She finishes feeding me spoon by spoon and here come some more words to hear.."Dekha? Kitna jaldi khaya?" (See? How quickly you ate?). Two soft pats on my head..and I have enjoyed the entire meal.


  1. A very lovely ,cute and short post...yeah you are right...mothers are like that only...sooooooooooooo someone said....bhagwaan sabke sath nahi reh sakta tha isliye usne maa di....isn't it lovely?

    1. @Seema True..Moms are a wonderful creation of God from whom we just to get to see a glimpse of God's true nature - that is 'Love'. I am blessed that I have such a wonderful mother in Christ.


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