I have a new enemy..

No don't get me wrong.. I am not talking about anybody. Its about Something that has been giving me a hard time since it arrived.. My blasted .......
    Before it even arrived, I have dreamt of it.. that shiny piece of metal that would magically pop out cakes, scones and kebabs at my wish and will. Kebabs? ya, they turned out fine..I have received a lot of praise for fried chicken..no matter what dish. But the elusive western baked dishes never once turned out fine. Pizzas were my first try..I had Chicago-pot pizzas in mind, then I decided to start out with something simpler. But the dough was raw on the inside and dry and stiff on the inside...hmmm, now that I think about it..maybe the dough was the culprit all along. Anyway, I didn't give up. Then I went back to my roots..Bengali roots, that is. Popped in a pan containing all the ingredients for "Aloo Poshto" and out came a bland, inedible raw mess. Ok...days passed by, and hope settled in my heart again. Ok, maybe this time I'll have a successful cake. A basic sponge cake.. 'twas alright..whew..but way too buttery. I didnt know my basics. And the few disasters above (banana cupcakes) sealed the deal.
      I could imagine a scene where I am facing off against the dreadful 'Oven' in a cowboy scene..and the OST of 'The good, the bad and the ugly' is playing in the background...and I snap my Pistol out and gun down my opponent. Ok ok, I imagine too much..but really! What am I supposed to do?? I search for tips and  all the info I could find for a convection oven and they still give primitive suggestions like 'get the feel of it' and 'find the heat zones'...heat what??!
    Anyway, my imagination of Oven making life and baking easier went into the trash-can along with the raw dough and crumbled cakes..I guess Practice does make perfect..Even with these so called "high tech" gizmos. Phoeey!

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