The fudge story..

Ok...This is my first trial with fudges (is it a plural term? donno, if not then sue me...!) But all the confectionery and chocolate enthusiasts out there may find my trial a bit less then imperfect. I have never smelt a fudge before, let alone taste it. When I first came across the term, it created a fuzzy and warm picture in my mind - that oozing with chocolate, laden with little delicate chunks of nuts on the top and warm..warm to the heart of a person suffering from cold. The kind of food that would provide instant comfort to a person who has just come home, braving the snow-storm outside and a bleak day at the office. OK, maybe I was thinking of a really good cup of hot chocolate. Hey, if Homer Simpson's mind can wander at the mention of dogs (Hot dogs...mmmm), then I am no different!

So, here goes..

So I started with these ingredients below - Milk chocolate, unsalted butter, walnuts and the most important ingredient of all: the magic of my hands:) Before this I didnt even know there was something called unsalted butter(gasp, you will) so please go easy one me..After much research and drooling, I have come to realize the importance of each ingredient. I started with the Chocolate..cut it down to small chunks. Most went into the double boiler, some ended up in my in peace. Then when it started getting mushy, I tipped in the condensed milk. Actually, I wasn't much organized. I had to rush to the fridge and grab the can & tip it into the bowl..whew! just in time! Started stirring the shiny goo. Shouldnt have stirred that much. Once done, I tipped the chunks of  walnuts and coated 'em well. Forgot to grease the baking dish!!! Rushed to kitchen again and made the baking dish ready in a jiffy. Poured the molten goo into it. It was fun watching the mixture slide to the sides of the vessel..didn't know it could take up such form and consistency..that's the fun in cooking! Dunked the dish into the fridge and here comes the really impatient part - waiting for it to set. When it finally set after many minutes, I couldn't remove it from the sides of the vessel! After much clammering and harassing the tin vessel, it plopped out onto my plate. Cut them into perfect 2" squares? nope..I remember that valuable tip where I should have dunked the blade of the knife into hot water before cutting. Would have been much easier!
So I took my first bite of fudge..and the verdict? ewww...too buttery...yuck. Felt dissappointed coz the amount of butter I took was according to the recipe. I just left them in the fridge and retired to my bed. The next day, I got about my business and went to take a second check at those sad little pieces of fudge..sinked my teeth into a piece..hey! they taste fine! they taste really fine!! And its been 2 days, and the recipe reads that I can preserve 'em in a clean glass jar for a month...but I dont think thats necessary, coz more than 1/2 of the entire thing has vanished into my stomach. Verdict? For a first try - edible and tasty.

             My first fudge!

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