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I was just looking at the fun stuff I found at blogger…usually I keep searching for cupcake blogs where there are amazing posts by the creators like simplysweetsaz and a cupcake blog. They are really inspiring coz I am a budding enthusiast and venturing into cupcakes along with chocolates as a business. The fondants they have posted on their sites are so precise and colourful. I am truly inspired! I have no one here to teach me or any classes in this hole of a city to learn about cake art. Most westerners have it by choice, what with all their grandmas leaving notes and books of dessert recipes lying around for them. And all the ingredients they want are easily available, at a stone’s throw away. I have yet to find a decent baker here who is not shrewd enough to spill the details. We have grandmas here too but the kind who can only associate baking to pita breads...sigh:( And ingredients? Take for example:
Cream cheese… If I go to a grocer here and ask for ‘cream cheese’, all I’ll get is a bewildered look on his face and a slob of salty butter thumped on the counter or the yucky processed cheese you find here in sealed packaging.
    I look at these photos with such decadent frosting, that for one moment my heart soars with expectation and hope. And the very next moment that I read the ingredients that took to make such a delicacy, my smile drops. I think “Alas, I can’t find cream cheese here...” Then frustration grows and I wonder what do people in India really do when they want the best? They go to the Capital. Coz I know that things are available... but 500 km from here, in supermarket stores like SPAR or Niligiris at Bangalore. But I am just one person who wants to start small with lofty dreams and high hopes for the future. I see bakeries all around the place and not a single one is up to the mark. The same old sponge cake that bears a striking resemblance to bread and chocolate cake that tastes so synthetic that even a child could figure it out. Good food is available only for the rich and those who have access to it. Baristas and CCD have decent tasting cakes but not all their branches provide the same quality. I can assure that about CCD. Pricy and how!

Delicious cupcakes courtesy of simplysweetsaz
    My dream is to open a small retail candy-cum-cupcake café where people are introduced to new dishes and flavours – the kind that they have never heard of nor tasted before. It would be this little ‘around the corner’ café which is classy-French-style yet people can lounge around reading their books or chatting a while. Where people can actually come to unwind. It would be one of the places that the city can be known for. “If you visit this city, you absolutely HAVE to try out this café...its the best place to find this ‘so & so’ cake/chocolate” You get what I mean, right? And in the longer run, I want to venture into the retail-chain business. And we would be one of a kind. Authentic stuff. Authentic place.
    I know it’s a tough dream to have and tougher to follow...especially in a place like India where lifestyle is to the dogs or the aristocratic select few. Everything has to be value for money, where each grain is counted by penny’s worth. Its hard to survive out here when everyone devalues the term ‘business’ and considers it a lowly thing to do for life, what with all the snooty IT/Medical professionals popping out each second...yeah, we need MORE and MORE doctors and computer nuts each day! There is much more scope in the west when it comes to food because they value good food. Just a few days ago, I watched this show about 10 best somethings and there was this restaurant showcased (New York) that sells nothing but peanut butter and jelly sandwiches! Of course, there is a variety of flavour but just one dish!!! And people are hogging to this hangout and standing in line for it! I thought to myself, ‘this guy is blessed!’. If it were the same here in India, people would surely mock the idea and say, “I can do that at home by myself! Why should I pay for it??” The idea here is to appreciate good food which you may or may not have topped in your own kitchen. The idea is to think beyond the Buck. The idea is to ENJOY and encourage variety. Although there is a numbered quantity of eat-outs providing such variety in India, they are mostly situated in posh and farther cities. Why haven’t they ventured into tier-two or three-cities? Coz I believe they know the mindset of the common Indian family. We still are stuck in the same Idli/Dosa/Butter chicken haze. I am not against Idli-dosa..I love my Indi-dosa as much as the next person. But isn’t it time there was more? Maybe all it takes is a change in the mindset. Who dares?
yummy birthday cakes at simplysweetsaz
    Here I am, a lone enthusiast and foodie trying to do some good to the common palette by bringing variety and authenticity to it...with many mockers around me, not knowing what the future will hold but I am hopeful of my dream and God as my strength, it will be fulfilled.

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