Aussie Ki Taissi!

Today is a memorable day in Indian that even a non-cricket person like me will remember. I am not a cricket fan..not even remotely appreciating nor do I care to understand Dhoni's crucial captaincy in this World Cup. But today is something else..watching a match like this is something that's hard to digest(for the Aussies) but Indians all over the world(including the die-hard fans bursting crackers outside my home) have reason to rejoice for. I loved the game...thoroughly enjoyed each second of it..I detest and dislike cricket..but today I couldn't hold on to my hatred for the game. I was among those cheering and booing the match indoors.Pot-shots from my TV--->

Look at the crowd cheering for India..there's a billion backing 'em up indoors!

Yay India!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tight atmosphere around midway of India-batting...

Even the crowd feels it.

And then came the 2...(forgive me my childish story-telling)

Why so seriousssssss, Cap? Tait couldnt 'swear' anymore?? 

And the final 4 runs remain...still biting my nails..

And He takes a stance..

And its a four!!!! Superb game..Vindicationnnn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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